In The Solitaire Conspiracy, Bithell Games goes hard to the paint on... solo card games

The latest 'Bithell Short,' The Solitaire Experience aims to combine the worlds of Solitaire card games and espionage in one curiously meshed and action-packed package.


Mike Bithell and his indie studio, Bithell Games, are well known for their projects going outside the realm of expectation. Titles like Thomas Was Alone and Subsurface Circular have been delightfully unique experiences, while John Wick Hex brought a popular pedigree to the Bithell catalogue. Bithell Games is between major projects, but it nonetheless has something interesting coming right around the corner. Get ready to Solitaire like your life depended on it in the espionage and card game mix of The Solitaire Conspiracy in early October.

Mike Bithell officially announced his studios’ latest “Bithell Short,” The Solitaire Conspiracy,  via his personal Twitter on September 22, 2020, with a simultaneous listing on Steam and Epic Games Store. Coming on October 6, 2020, starting with PC, The Solitaire Conspiracy invites players to step into the spy network of solitaire games. Yes, you’ll be flipping cards solo, but you’ll be doing it as part of one of eight spy organizations with their own unique angles in a narrative featuring internet personality Greg Miller of IGN.

As you play through The Solitaire Conspiracy, you’ll be put through intense challenges as you aim to bring each organization together under one spy network. Each of the eight agencies features a power that will aid you in your game, affecting various suits or other qualities of the cards as you play. After the campaign ends, you can challenge a Skirmish mode in which you can challenge yourself with a blend of availability when it comes to the various powers and suits.

We’ve certainly had fun with Bithell Games in the past, whether it was a major title for the studio like John Wick Hex or another Bithell Short like Subsurface Circular. The Solitaire Conspiracy may be another short on the way to Bithell Games’ next project, but it’s looking like one of the more expansive of the bunch. Either way, we’ll be able to see what the combined worlds of solitaire and espionage have in store for us when it launches on October 6 as a surprise addition of the 2020 gaming calendar.

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