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Hades gets update 1.0 patch notes on PC, out now on Switch

Hades has finally escaped the Early Access Underworld and has gone 1.0 on both PC and Nintendo Switch.


It's been a long road for Supergiant Games and its roguelike Hades. But the Early Access journey looks to be over, as Hades has hit its 1.0 release on PC. And that means the full version of the game is also out on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo shared the good news during this morning's Nintendo Direct Mini presentation. The biggest addition to Hades' 1.0 launch is the true ending, which completes the story and makes the game a full package. Getting to that ending won't be easy, of course. With this being a roguelike adventure, expect to die a lot as you grow stronger with each death. And of course, you'll have to survive the final boss encounter, which is also new to this latest update.

Here are the 1.0 patch note highlights, taken from the Supergiant Games website:

  • The True Ending: discover what awaits Prince Zagreus at the end of his journey
  • New Hidden Aspect: harness the unsurpassed fury of the Twin Fists in the aspect of an ancient god-king
  • Extremer Measures: can you withstand the full unbridled power of the Final Boss?
  • New Late-Game Unlockables: assert your status with new decorative themes and prestigious badges
  • New Keepsakes: get not one but two powerful, new Keepsakes... but from whom?
  • New Music: listen for five stunning new tracks, rounding out 2.5 hours of original music
  • New Artwork: new visual effects, renovated chambers, and updated animations abound
  • Expanded Story: new narrative events with every character, and thousands of new voice lines

In addition to these highlights, Hades veterans will notice increased Darkness rewards from boss fights, as well as increased Darkness and Gemstone rewards from Elite encounters. That should make the adventure a little bit easier. Dozens of balance updates have also been applied to various abilities, weapons, items, and enemies.

For the uninitiated, Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler that puts players in the role of the Prince of the Underworld. You'll seek to break free from the god of the dead, but the Underworld is exactly what it is, meaning the opposition is fearsome and nigh-unbeatable. Fortunately, you'll grow stronger with each encounter and unlock more and more of the story as you go along. We've enjoyed it here at Shacknews, as well, having played it a couple of times on our Indie-licious show on the Shacknews Twitch channel.

PC players should know what to expect here, but Hades is all-new to Switch owners. The full version is available on both platforms now and there's a limited-time launch day discount available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Nintendo eShop.

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