Demon's Souls gets first gameplay trailer at September PS5 Showcase

Those anticipating the new Demon's Souls remake will have plenty to be excited about, as it got a first gameplay reveal at the September PlayStation 5 Showcase.


There's still more to see from today's PlayStation 5 Showcase. The next reveal comes from PlayStation Studios and it's something that will excite SoulsBourne fans across the globe. It's another look at the upcoming Demon's Souls remake and, this time, there's gameplay.

Players are taken through a number of familiar sights as they stroll the land of Boletaria, where enemy knights are around nearly every corner. But if taking out knights armed with swords and crossbows aren't enough, the gameplay portion of the trailer ends with a giant horned boss named Vanguard, who's armed with a big honkin' axe. And since nobody every really wins in a single Demon's Souls run, it ended with the signature YOU DIED phrase.

Here's what Creative Director Gavin Moore had to say about the upcomoing remake on PlayStation.Blog:

It was essential to us that we recreated Demon’s Souls in such a way that longtime fans are transported back to the Boletaria they love. It's the Boletaria that has been growing and maturing in their imaginations for over a decade. A place where every room, corner, and corridor has a story to tell. Here, the original characters, encounters and battles are brought to life in greater fidelity, making the story even richer and darker.

Even as we went back to the drawing board to build upon the original art, sound, music, and feel, our goal was always to remain true to the vision of the original classic – its story, gameplay and level design. With this in mind, we fine-tuned the title to ensure the game remains fresh and appeals to new users accustomed to modern controls and experiences.

Above all, this is to ensure the lands of Boletaria are living and breathing worlds, home to all manner of terrors, brimming with tension and challenge. In this way, we hope that Demon’s Souls is both parts new and familiar, welcoming to veterans and newcomers alike.

Demon's Souls was first unveiled back during the PlayStation 5 Showcase in June. It will be crafted by the teams at PlayStation Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games. From Software, the architects of the SoulsBourne games, are not part of this effort.

Demon's Souls is set to release on PlayStation 5, but a date was not given during the trailer or during the PlayStation 5 Showcase. However, according to Geoff Keighley, the game will be available at launch.

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