Jurassic World Aftermath VR will put you up against deadly dinos on Oculus Quest

In a game following the events of Jurassic World, players will survive an island of voracious dinosaurs this coming December 2020 on Oculus Quest.


Returning to the world of Jurassic Park is almost always a winning proposition, but an upcoming VR game might put you closer than even you’re ready for. Jurassic World Aftermath VR has been announced for Oculus Quest VR. What’s more, the game will be coming to the platform this coming holiday with a December release date confirmed.

Universal Studios and VR developer Coatsink announced Jurassic World Aftermath during the Facebook Connect 2020 presentation on September 16, 2020. Launching Holiday 2020, Jurassic World Aftermath VR will take players back to Isla Nublar location popularized in the films and force them to contend with the lurking velociraptors and other dangerous dinosaur creatures that live there. In the jungles or in the deserted facilities throughout the island, players will run, hide, and survive however they can.

Coatsink totes this upcoming game as an intense puzzle-solving experience. The trailer exhibits a number of scenarios in which the player must carefully navigate a broken-down facility. Whether it’s quickly hiding out in an office while raptors stalk you, or making your way to the safety of an elevator (that likely threatens to take you deeper into the bowels of Isla Nublar’s scientific facilities) before they can run you down, Jurassic World Aftermath VR looks to be a pulse-pounding experience. It seems it will at least show us a glimpse of what those poor kids, Tim and Lex Murphy in the original Jurassic Park, were feeling as they ran through the kitchen and learned raptors can open doors.

December is an interesting time in the 2020 video game calendar to release a game that looks this frightening, but for Jurassic Park, horror, and VR fans, Jurassic World Aftermath VR looks to be a ride they won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for more details and check out the Oculus Quest 2, which was also shown during Facebook Connect 2020 today.

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