Rocket Arena is free for Prime Gaming members starting Thursday

If you've been waiting for Rocket Arena to go down in price, it's not getting lower than this. Prime Gaming will offer it for free starting Thursday.


The price for EA and Final Strike's Rocket Arena has been steadily trending downward since it released back in July. Back when the summer started, EA had a grand vision of a rocket-powered multiplayer arena shooter that would sell for $30. The gaming public disagreed... vehemently. Then the price suddenly went down by a lot to the point that the standard price is now just $4.99. For some people, that might still not be enough. Fortunately, Amazon is here to reduce the price to zero, thanks to a new Prime Gaming offer.

The Rocket Arena offer is only for a limited-time, but starting on Thursday, September 10, Prime Gaming members can claim the multiplayer shooter for their Origin accounts for free. It's not everyday that an Amazon Prime offer gives players something out of the EA house, so this is somewhat of a rare occasion. But the generosity won't last forever, as the offer will only be available through October 10. Look for an updated Prime Gaming page with Rocket Arena on Thursday.

This giveaway comes just as Rocket Arena kicks off its latest event, Runaway Megadon. The setup is that the Rocket Rail Line has reached its destination without its cargo, the walking giant skeleton of Boomer the Megadon. Players will be on the search for Boomer through new game modes MegaMuzzle and Splat. MegaMuzzle is a 3v3 Knockout mode where everybody plays as Boone the hunter. Splat hastens the action significantly by greatly increasing all damage and heavily reducing respawn times.

Players can also take the action to a new map called Kayo Kanyon. This map contains train tracks, a water tower, and dangerous tar pits. This was originally supposed to be Boomer's final destination, but that's just one piece of the lore-filled puzzle, as Final Strike notes that this will be the start of a longer storyline.

Rocket Arena's Runaway Megadon event is now underway and will last through Tuesday, September 22. You can learn more from the Rocket Arena website. If you don't own the game and want to jump in on this event, just wait one more day and give it a shot. It's certainly not a bad game, as our review will tell you.

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