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Xbox Series X preorder guide

Everything you need to know to preorder the Xbox Series X and jump into the next-generation of Xbox gaming.


The Xbox Series X is shaping up to be one of the best options for gamers looking to leap into the next generation of gaming. For just $499, you can get a console with support for up to 8K resolution and 120 FPS. If you’re one of the many looking to get your hands on the Xbox Series X, then knowing when Xbox preorders kick off is going to be very important. Luckily, we’ve got all the info you need right here, so let’s dive in.

Xbox Series X preorder guide

The Xbox Series X will arrive on November 10 and is priced at $499 USD. Those looking to ensure they get one of the new consoles before they sell out will want to make sure they preorder it when the preorders go live on September 22, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET. This guide will be updated with additional links to retail stores as they go live. If you don't secure a launch date Xbox Series X, you may be able to put an order in for the next shipment.

Xbox Series X preorder - side by side with the Xbox Series S
The Xbox Series X and Series S side by side.

If you want to preorder the Xbox Series X, then you’re going to need to head over to the official website. There are a couple of different pricing options for the Series X, including an up-front buy option, as well as Xbox All Access, which will give you the option to pay for your Xbox Series X over the course of 24 months for $34.99. This includes the console itself, as well as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (a $14.99 a month value on its own).

If you’re looking to get into next-gen gaming, then the Xbox Series X offers a fairly affordable option with the most powerful Xbox ever made on the line. If you don’t think you’re going to need the Xbox Series X, then you can always look into purchasing the Xbox Series S, a smaller, but cheaper option for next-gen gaming.

Now that you know how to preorder the Xbox Series X, you’re going to want to mark September 22 on your calendar to ensure you don’t miss out. For more info, keep your eyes glued to our Xbox Series X topic.

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