Exodus: Evacuation quest - Destiny 2

As part of Exodus: Evacuation quest in Destiny 2, Commander Zavala will task you with helping planetary vendors evacuate before the Pyramids attack.


The Exodus: Evacuation quest is now active in Destiny 2, getting players one step closer to Beyond Light and one Triumph closer to the Forerunner Title. This quest has players ordering planetary vendors to evacuate their stations before the Pyramid ships obliterate everything.

Exodus: Evacuation quest

The final step in the overarching Exodus questline, which begun with Exodus: Preparation, is now live. Titled Exodus: Evacuation, players will first need to speak with Commander Zavala in the Tower to pick up this limited-time quest that is only active during Season of Arrivals.

destiny 2 exodus evacuation
Speak with Zavala in the Tower to receive the quest, Exodus: Evacuation. You must have already completed Exodus: Preparation.

Completion of this questline is required in unlocking all of the Season of Triumphs Triumphs, which in turn unlocks the Forerunner Seal and Title. Here's a rundown of each step:

  1. Speak with Commander Zavala to get the Exodus: Evacuation quest
  2. Go to Io, talk with Asher Mir, and complete his quests: Observer Effect, Into the Pyramidion, Double Blind, and Fleischman-Aschheim Axiom
  3. Go to Titan, talk with Sloane, and complete her quests: Clearing the Decks, Asset Interception, Be the Wall, and The Will of a Titan
  4. Speak with Commander Zavala to get the next part of the Exodus: Evacuation quest
  5. Go to Mercury, talk with Brother Vance, and complete his quests: A Shattered Future, In His Footsteps, A Disciple’s Plea, and Better Days Ahead
  6. Go to Mars, talk with Ana Bray, and complete her quests: Signs of Life, Recycled Components, Signal Shielding, and Force Reboot
  7. Return to Commander Zavala in the Tower to receive your reward

Evacuation: Io

The first step of the Exodus: Evacuation quest (after picking it up from Zavala) is to head to Io and talk with Asher Mir. Our dear Gensym Scribe will have a few tasks for you to complete before he’ll leave his studies.

Observer Effect

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Observer Effect

First up, Asher Mir has three tasks for you to complete. You’ll get the majority of this accomplished in the Lost Sector right by the Io vendor.

  • Collect a sample from the Taken Phalanx Barrism in the Lost Sector, Sanctum of Bones
  • Investigate the chest in the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector
  • Collect 25 Traces of Corrupted by defeating Taken on Io

Barrism, Altered Phalanx, is a new combatant in the Lost Sector. This will mean there are two bosses at the end of this area.

Into the Pyramidion

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Into the Pyramidion

The next step for Asher Mir is to complete the Pyramidion Strike on Io and collect Scan Traces by defeating Vex.

  • Complete the Pyramidion Strike
  • Collect 40 Scan Traces by defeating Vex on Io

Double Blind

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Double Blind

The final step for Asher Mir as part of Evacuation: Io is to complete a Heroic version of the adventure, Unexpected Guests. This is launched via the Io destination map.

Fleischman-Aschheim Axiom

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Silicon Neuroma

After completing the Heroic Adventure, return and speak with Asher Mir on Io. You will receive the Silicon Neuroma Sniper Rifle as reward.

Evacuation: Titan

Head to Titan and speak with Sloane. She’ll have a couple of quest steps for you to complete.

Clearing the Decks

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Clearing the Decks

Much like the previous Lost Sector task, this one has you venturing into the Methane Flush, defeating a new enemy in it, and opening the chest. Simple.

  • Defeat Hive Knight Dek-Thra, Who Sows and Tills, in Lost Sector, Methane Flush in the Siren’s Watch
  • Open the Methane Flush Lost Sector Chest

Asset Interception

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Asset Interception

The next step for Sloane is to open a chest protected by Hive Ultras in the Solarium and Festering Halls. There is one to open in the Solarium and two in the Festering Halls. To reach the Solarium, start at the Rig fast travel point. You will then need to cross to the other side of the large building in front of you (where the Hive Ritual public event takes place) and head down the ramp and into a door on the left.

Follow this through to an outside area with a broken bridge. Cross the gap, go through the broken wall on the left, and follow the path up and around. You will need to walk between a fractured and colorful screen to enter the Solarium. This is where the first Ultra is found. The next one, in the Festering Halls, is reached by taking the right-hand path in the Solarium.

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Kefonres
Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Zhum Boh

The Hive Ultra Knight in the Solarium is called Pryn-Rid, Treasurer of Savathun, and it drops the chest once defeated. For the Festering Halls, you will need to kill two Ogres, one called Kefonres, Rapacity of Savathun and the second called Zhum’Boh, Voracity of Savathun. The second Ogre is deeper in the Festering Halls.

Be the Wall

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Be the Wall

With the three Hive Ultras defeated, the next task is to complete Savathun’s Song and collect 25 Tech Fragments from Ogres, Wizards, and Knights on Titan. Keep in mind, this Strike will be unavailable if you still have the Thorn Exotic quest step that requires finishing Chasm of Screams. To fix this, either complete the Thorn step or abandon the Thorn quest.

  • Complete Savathun’s Song Strike
  • Collect 25 Tech Fragments from Hive Knights, Ogres, and Wizards

If you don’t get the Tech Fragments during the Strike, the Methane Flush Lost Sector is a good farming location.

The Will of a Titan

Speak with Sloane again to receive the Auto Rifle, Duty Bound, as a reward and tie up the Evacuation: Titan thread of Exodus: Evacuation.

Report to Zavala

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Mindbender's Ambition

Head to the Tower and speak with Zavala again for the next leg of the Exodus: Evacuation quest and a reward. You will receive a Masterworked Mindbender’s Ambition Shotgun, which certainly helps you avoid the need to farm one.

Evacuation: Mercury

Head on over to Mercury and speak to Brother Vance. Much like the previous planetary vendors, he’ll have a few tasks for you to complete.

A Shattered Future

The first step for Evacuation: Mercury is to complete the Strike, A Garden World, and collect Timeline fractures by defeating Vex Hydras, Minotaurs, and Cyclopses on Mercury.

  • Complete the Strike, A Garden World
  • Collect 15 Timeline fractures by defeating Vex Hydras, Minotaurs, and Cyclopeses

In His Footsteps

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation In His Footsteps

With the first Strike done, the next step will begin. This one will have you completing the other Strike, Tree of Probabilities, and collecting Traces of Osiris by defeating Cabal on Mercury.

  • Complete the Strike, Tree of Probabilities
  • Collect 40 Traces of Osiris by defeating Cabal on Mercury

A Disciple’s Plea

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation A Disciple's Plea

The next step of Evacuation: Mercury is to complete a Heroic version of the adventure, Bug in the System. This will appear as a blue banner on the left-hand side of Mercury’s map. Be careful with this adventure, if you go through the Infinite Forest too quickly, the mission will bug out and prevent you from progressing.

Better Days Ahead

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation DFA Hand Cannon

With the Heroic adventure complete, return to Brother Vance to receive your reward, the D.F.A Hand Cannon.

Evacuation: Mars

After speaking with Brother Vance, the next step of the Exodus: Evacuation quest will begin. For this, you will need to speak with Ana Bray on Mars.

Signs of Life

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Signs of Life

The first real step of Evacuation: Mars is to head to Mindlab: Rasputin and investigate a signal from Rasputin himself. Mindlab is found in the Braytech Futurescape area, through Aurora Reach.

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Mindlab

When you reach the big node suspended in the middle of the room, look behind it to see an open duct. Crawl through to find the data log.

Recycled Components

Next up is to defeat some bosses in Escalation Protocol to get Rasputin Frame pieces. You don’t have to reach Level 5, so don’t worry if you fail a wave. Every boss you defeat will earn you a Rasputin Frame piece. Levels with more bosses will net you more frames.

  • Collect 5 Rasputin Frame Pieces by defeating Escalation Protocol bosses

Signal Shielding

The final real step is to complete a Heroic version of the adventure, Deathly Tremors. Find this adventure as a blue banner on the left side of the Mars map. This one is pretty easy and will only take a few minutes, unlike the Mercury one.

Force Reboot

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Braytech Osprey

All that’s left to do is return to Ana Bray for your reward, a Braytech Osprey Rocket Launcher.

Report to Zavala

Destiny 2 Exodus Evacuation Traveler's Chosen

The very last step in Exodus: Evacuation is to return to the Tower and speak with Commander Zavala. For all your trouble, you will be rewarded with the Traveler’s Chosen, an Exotic Sidearm. Congratulations, Guardian.

With the Exodus: Evacuation quest completed, players are one step closer to the end of Season of Arrivals and the beginning of Beyond Light. There’s still a bit left in the season, so make sure you swing by the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide to check more off of your to-do list.

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