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Heroes of the Storm Craft Wars update includes D.Va & Gazlowe reworks

Heroes of the Storm's new Craft Wars event is leaving everyone all mixed up, while D.Va and Gazlowe both receive major reworks.


Heroes of the Storm has been known for crossing streams in regards to Blizzard's biggest franchises. For more than five years, Blizzard's MOBA has mixed together characters from the publisher's various games. Now those characters are about to exchange outfits as part of the new Craft Wars event, which will also see D.Va and Gazlowe receive some major reworks.

In the new Craft Wars event, things have gotten complicated in the Nexus. The Realm Crafter assembled by some of the Nexus heroes have resulted in some unusual fusions. Arthas is much less Lich King and much more King of Blades. Anduin is now less of a Warcraft prince and much more Emperor of the Dominion. Artanis is now sporting a Draenei Executor outfit. Mei is a Death Knight. Gazlowe is a Mineral Harvester. And that's just a few of the changes. You can check out some more outfit changes over on the Heroes of the Storm website.

Speaking of Gazlowe, he's one of the Heroes receiving a major rework. The Gazlowe rework gives him a brand new resource called Scrap, which replaces Mana. This allows Gazlowe to focus on making killer machines, like the Rock-It! Turret. On top of that, the Deth Lazor and Xplodium Charge moves are now free to use, only coming with a short cooldown timer.

Overwatch's D.Va is getting some major changes of her own. The D.Va rework wanted to bring some of her more memorable cinematic moments to life. For example, the Heroes team took one of her moments from her recent Overwatch animated short and turned it into a new talent called Nuclear Option. She's also getting new talents like Liquid Cooling and Timing Attack to play off her persona as a pro gamer.

On top of skins and character reworks, today's Heroes of the Skin update will include a new game mode called ARAM (All Radom All Mid). ARAM mode will replace the Heroes Brawl and put players into one-lane maps, where the objective is to simply destroy the opposing team's Core. You'll have only three randomly selected Heroes to choose from, so pick your character wisely. There are no Hearthstones and the starting area will not regenerate health, so expect these sessions to run quickly.

Heroes of the Storm's Craft Wars event will run for a limited time. For more, check out the verion 52.0 patch notes.

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