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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition composer interview

Here's how the music of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition came to life.


Released in the early 2000s, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is one of the most beloved entries in the long-running JRPG series. With a new remaster, publisher Square Enix is looking to revamp the title with some new music. We got in touch with Kumi Tanioka and Hidenori Iwasaki, the composers on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition to get some insight into the creation of the game’s score.

What were your first projects within the gaming industry and how did they shape your involvement within the Final Fantasy and Crystal Chronicles series?

What was the process for remastering the game’s original score like? Were there particular songs that you were excited to give new life to?

Did you draw inspiration from any specific genre or artist when creating the new tracks for the remastered edition?

Do you think the soundtrack has played an important role in cementing Crystal Chronicles as an important part of the Final Fantasy series over the years?

What is the music creation process like for you? Do you often collaborate when working on melodies or is it a solo affair?

Did you change anything about “Sound of the Wind” or “Starry Moonlit Night” that fans will immediately pick up on?

How did you go about ensuring you kept the same tone from the original game’s music for the remastered version to make sure both new and old audiences would be pleased?

We also contacted Donna Burke, who does narration for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, as well as lends her voice for some of the game’s iconic songs.

You’re known for several iconic roles throughout the video game industry as well as memorable songs. How was your work as the Crystal Chronicles narrator different from, say, the Metal Gear series?

What were the biggest challenges or surprises that came from working with the team to bring Crystal Chronicles to new audiences?

Are you a Final Fantasy fan and have you played the original Crystal Chronicles or any of the numbered entries?

How did you get your start within the anime/gaming music industry?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is available now for $29.99. More information can be found on the game's eShop page.

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