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Prince Uldren might be the Cosmodrome vendor in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Out here in the wild, this is how we speculate.


The Destiny 2 rumor mill keeps churning out that good bread. Not only are members of the community speculating about potential Exotic Catalysts, but they’ve noticed a certain icon that may suggest Prince Uldren, Mara Sov’s once-dead, now-probably-a-Guardian brother, will be the vendor on the Cosmodrome. This is about to get wild, so strap in.

The speculation begins thanks to a symbol seen in Bungie’s recent TWAB. This post highlighted the changes coming to Triumphs, and it included a snapshot chasing the page. On this page, players can see the eight Triumph badges, which separate the Triumphs into key destinations.

destiny 2 cosmodrome vendor uldren sov
Top row, second from the left. The dual-triangles matches the symbol on Uldren's chest armor.

What players know so far is that Beyond Light will remove a heap of destinations, limiting the number of available planets to just the EDZ, the Moon, Nessus, Tangled Shore, the Dreaming City, Europa, and the Cosmodrom.

In a reddit post, user blamite points out that each badge has an icon that represents that destination. The Dreaming City has its tower, the Tangled Shore its symbol for Spider, even Nessus has Failsafe’s circle.

This just leaves us with the upper left two icons, a series of semicircles and two-stacked triangles. Here’s where the connection is drawn. Those stacked-triangles are actually present on Uldren Sov’s chest armor as seen in the original Destiny. It would appear that Uldren Sov will be connected to the Cosmodrome, which is most likely going to see him acting as the vendor.

destiny uldren sov symbol chest armor
The symbol on Uldren's chest armor matches the symbol on the Cosmodrome destination Triumph badge. This symbol is hidden in Destiny 2 by Uldren's scarf.

To give this theory further evidence, we need to back up to the end of the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign, where the player (or Petra Venj) actually kills Uldren Sov. The reason the player does this is out of revenge, as Uldren, while under the control of Riven, killed Cayde-6, a beloved character in Destiny.

In one surprise cutscene, players get to see Uldren Sov be resurrected by a Ghost, becoming a Guardian. Now, keep in mind, all Guardians have no knowledge of their past lives. This means Uldren has no idea he’s a murderer or even the brother of Mara Sov.

There is also a piece of lore that suggests Uldren Sov is already hiding out in the Cosmodrome. A ship from the Dawning event called Amnestia-S2 paints a tale of a Guardian who all other Guardians either hate or become wracked with grief when they see him. For this reason, he keeps his face hidden to remain unknown.

"The Dawning welcomes everyone." —Eva Levante

For the last three weeks, the Guardian has been camping in a rusted-out shipping container, far off the main pathways that are always buzzing with Sparrows. He stays out of the way of other Guardians, and if he can't do that, he keeps his helmet on. Always.

All he has to his name is some beat up gear, a ring, and a silk sheet. Those are the things he woke up with. He wears the ring on a chain and keeps the sheet as a comforting reminder of something he can't remember. Sometimes he wears it draped over his shoulder. The fabric is so fine that it makes him think about the place he must've come from before this life, and how much nicer it is than where he is now.

He spends his days alone. Other Guardians are an unpredictable source of pain and confusion, and they see him the same way. Some react to him with outright hostility. Others are overcome by some personal and unexplained grief. He doesn't know why. That was the most painful lesson of being reborn: It's better to be alone. So he's always alone now, except for his Ghost.

One night, he sits with his head against his knees and listens to the distant snaps of gunfire. He hasn't seen anyone in about a week, but he can hear them. Somehow that makes the loneliness worse. More potent.

"Did you know," his Ghost says, bright but gentle. The purple glint of his shell reflects the half-light outside the crate. "That in the Last City, they are celebrating? They call it the Dawning. It is a celebration of friendship and hope and warmth."

The Guardian keeps his eyes closed and forces down his bitterness. The silence lingers between them, heavy and filled with unsaid things, until his Ghost gently bumps his shoulder. "To feel good, they say to each other: Happy Dawning."

Still, the Guardian says nothing, and his own silence makes him sick with himself. His Ghost has never doubted him. Never doubted anyone, really. He is a well of relentless optimism. And as infuriating as that is, it's also heartbreaking, and comforting, and a relief. The Guardian is not going to be the one to disappoint him.

There's been too much disappointment in this life already.

"Happy Dawning," he says.

At this point, it seems like a safe bet to suggest Prince Uldren Sov is finally returning, and will be the vendor for players in the Cosmodrome. Perhaps players will finally get an opportunity to see a scene similar to that shown in the original Destiny’s E3 2013 trailer.

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