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Rumor: Destiny 2 image shows new Exotic Catalysts coming with Beyond Light

Players are speculating whether an image in a recent TWAB shows upcoming Exotic Catalysts.


It doesn’t take much to get the Destiny 2 rumor engine running. The latest TWAB gave players an overview of how Triumphs are changing next season, and keen-eyed players have noticed some interesting artwork in one of the screens. One image looks to showcase a few Exotic weapons that may be receiving their Exotic Catalysts with Beyond Light.

Destiny 2 image might hint at new Exotic Catalysts

This idea came to the community’s attention by way of a post on the Raid Secrets subreddit by user Divyntermi. In this post, Divyntermi points out the artwork for the new Exotic Catalysts tab. In this artwork appears many Exotic weapons. What’s worth noting is that there are a few Exotics in the image that as yet do not have any Exotic Catalysts.

While the artwork does feature Skyburner’s Oath, Borealis, Sweet Business and others that already have Exotic Catalysts, it also includes the likes of Deathbringer, Leviathan’s Breath, Heir Apparent, Bastion, and more.

All Exotics in Destiny 2 seem to slowly receive Catalysts as time goes on, so it wouldn’t be surprising for these to get a nice buff. It may actually make some of these a little bit more appealing to players. Right now, Deathbringer and Leviathan’s Breath are just not worth equipping unless you’re all out of options. A Catalyst may help lift these to new heights.

It’s always worth mentioning that images used in Bungie’s posts are typically not indicative of a final product, and almost always contain placeholder imagery. However, if Divyntermi’s hypothesis is correct, players could find themselves opting for some different Exotics when Beyond Light releases.

Until Beyond Light releases this November, players will just have to continue speculating about what Exotic may receive a Catalyst, and what said catalyst may do. Even perusing the Destiny 2 API doesn’t help, as each Exotic has one, albeit with no effect. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide, where you’ll find the latest Exotics and their Catalysts when the time comes.

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