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StreamElements Creator Diversity Fund 2020 recipients announced

Following its August announcement, StreamElements has chosen recipients for its $100,000 Creator Diversity Fund, made to boost Twitch creatives of underrepresented groups.


Whether you look at Twitch’s priorities or its automated systems, it can be argued that the platform doesn’t always go out of its way to raise diverse voices up and support them. The StreamElements Creator Diversity Fund is a charity initiative created with the intention of addressing this and supporting underrepresented groups of the Twitch creative community. Recently, StreamElements announced the results of its initiative, choosing 20 recipients to which the fund will aid.

StreamElements announced the recipients of the Creator Diversity Fund in a press release on September 2, 2020. Announced back in August 2020, the Creator Diversity Fund’s goal from the start was to give Twitch streamers of various underrepresented groups the tools and resources they might need to develop a more professional production in their creative endeavors. $100,000 in services and graphics from StreamElements were to be split up among 20 selected applicants, which were announced today. SteelSeries also took part in the awards, providing each of the recipients with a new Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset.

The full list of recipients for the Creator Diversity Fund can be found just below.

Many of the recipients had much to say about how much the aid will help them in their endeavors.

“Being recognized by StreamElements means a lot,” said Willie of the Big Willie-Isms channel, which hosts live reacts to professional wrestling events. “I've been wanting a professional logo done, custom transitions and all sorts of other things to help improve my stream, but never had the opportunity to be able to pay someone to do this… this will give me the opportunity to get everything that I've been needing to make my stream even more outrageous!”

As Willie aims to boost the wrestling scene on Twitch and fight the fight to make it its own category once again, miniature painter, streamer, and mother of five Nelinde is focused on boosting the more artistic side of Twitch.

“To be recognized by such a defining organization within the streaming community, validates all of the blood, sweat and (mostly) happy tears that I've put into honing my craft as a content creator,” Nelinde wrote. “As a full-time creative streamer, painting miniature models on Twitch doesn't always seem to get as much love with promotional aspects and I truly believe they're missing a market. Creative streams would greatly benefit from being highlighted by Twitch more often on the recommended pages, Twitch front page, and on their social media.”

Some of the goods included in the diversity fun include custom designed graphics and overlays to help boost the overall production and quality of recipient streamers' livestreams and communities.
Some of the goods included in the Creator Diversity Fund include custom graphics and services to help boost the production of recipient streamers' livestreams and communities.

Finally, variety streamer and disabled gamer Lucia of the Lucanaii channel aims to take the opportunity and pursue a quality that she admits would have been difficult due to her every day challenges.

“There are so many issues we never even think about because it's not something we encounter in our daily lives. For example, I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,” Lucia wrote. “It's a genetic disorder, my body doesn't produce collagen correctly and collagen is the most common protein in the human body, main component of connective tissue. Good production value makes the stream look more professional. It is absolutely possible for one person to learn how to do it but I'm disabled and don't have as much energy. Because of that I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity. Streaming makes you always question whether you're doing things right. A lot of the success depends on factors out of your control. Being recognized by StreamElements means that I am doing this right.”

With so many different creatives awarded from the Creator Diversity Fund, it looks as though StreamElements is going above and beyond to raise and amplify some fantastic content creators from every corner of the community. A big congratulations to all recipients from all of us here at Shacknews. Be sure to check out the list above to see these recipients' channels and tune into their livestreams. Maybe even consider subscriptions during the discounted SUBtember Twitch subscription event?

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