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How to get all endings - Wasteland 3

Unlock all the endings in Wasteland 3 and see everything the game has to offer.


Wasteland 3 is all about your choices and the consequences of the actions that you take. Because of all this reactivity, you can actually end up with a few different endings. If you’re trying to earn every ending in the game, then you’ve got a long journey ahead. Here’s what you need to know about all the Wasteland 3 endings.

It should go without saying, but this article contains massive spoilers for Wasteland 3’s main campaign and many of its primary characters.

How to get all endings - Wasteland 3

unlock all endings wasteland 3

There are several endings that you can achieve in Wasteland 3, though some of them are considered outliers and not really main endings. To help make this guide easier to follow, we’ll cover the primary ending types first and then go over any outliers that you can unlock during your time with the game.

Siding with the Patriarch

If you continue to work with the Patriarch and side with him over anyone else, then you’ll end up confronting Liberty Buchanan and then bringing her in by either using the Hard Ass 10 conversation option to get her to surrender or the Nerd Stuff 10 dialogue prompt to sabotage her army and give you an advantage. Either kill her or make her surrender, then return to the Patriarch to trigger the final chapter.

By siding with the Patriarch, you’ve helped bring the Buchanan children back under their father’s law. The Rangers continue to be a bastion of hope for Colorado and the Patriarch sends all the supplies that the Rangers need back to Arizona. You’re given the choice of how to deal with Angela Deth and her squad. You’ll also get to choose whether you stay in Colorado or return to Arizona. If you choose to stay in Colorado, the Rangers’ influence will grow and eventually they will be responsible for choosing the Patriarch’s successor.

Choosing Liberty

If you’re not that big of a fan of the Patriarch, then this ending is an option for you. During the confrontation with Liberty Buchanan, go ahead and use the Kiss Ass 10 dialogue prompt. This will suggest that the Rangers join Liberty’s army. You’ll need to have a party that doesn’t include Vic, Lucia, or Ironclad Cordite for her to accept the suggestion.

As a result of joining Liberty’s army, you head to Colorado Springs and lay waste to the Patriarch’s armies. Liberty lets her father live and parades him around in a cage, like a beast at a zoo. The Desert Rangers in Arizona receive no aid and their fate is never known.

Dead Red’s quest for justice

The third possible ending comes if you choose to side with Angela Deth, also known as Dead Red. You’ll need to free Ironclad Cordite and complete his quest to unite the gangs in Yuma County. After that, head over and confront Liberty Buchanan and use the Hard Ass 10 option to have her surrender. You can also fight here and arrest or kill her.

After dealing with Liberty, head back out to the World Map and choose to side with Angela Deth. This will cause Angela and the Rangers to confront the Patriarch, arresting him for his crimes. You can execute, exile, hold a trial, or even throw him to the mob of angry people he has been controlling for years. Angela will ask whether you want to say in Colorado or return to Arizona. If you choose to stay in Colorado, you can send an invite to have the remaining Arizona Desert Rangers and General Woodson join you in the new and improved Ranger HQ.

Chaos overruns Colorado

Perhaps one of the saddest endings, this ending can be unlocked by defeating the Patriarch before completing the mission to take out Liberty Buchanan. It’s rather difficult to take out Colorado’s hero, so make sure you bring your best party members and weapons. Try focusing on the Patriarch and take him out as quickly as possible. Once he is dead, it doesn’t matter if the rest of your party dies, as the ending will kick in even if your party is wiped out.

Basically, with the Patriarch dead, Liberty and her armies overrun the state, taking control. Chaos ensues and the Desert Rangers are hated by the people of Colorado for the rest of their lives.


This ending comes a little bit through the game, after you meet Morningstar in Union Station. While dealing with the robotic car, keeping trying to “fix it” and it will eventually explode, triggering this ending.

As a result of your untimely death, the various factions and groups vying for your support continue to wage war on each other and you’ll never know who came out on top.

There you have it. Those are all the endings that we’ve discovered so far in Wasteland 3. With so much emphasis on choice, though, there could be more outliers we haven’t come across, so we will keep a look out. For more help, head over to our Wasteland 3 topic.

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