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How to disable auto-saves - Wasteland 3

Learn how to turn off the auto-save function in Wasteland 3.


A slew of issues that players have been running into since Wasteland 3’s launch appears to be tied to the game’s auto-save function. In this guide, we’ll break down how to disable auto-saves, which inXile has said will resolve many of the current progression issues plaguing players in Wasteland 3.

How to disable auto-saves

Auto-saves can be extremely handy in games like Wasteland 3, where progression can often be lost thinks to taking a wrong turn in a combat encounter. If you’re not that good at remembering to save constantly, then you’ll probably find yourself relying on auto-saves a lot. Unfortunately, the auto-save function appears to be causing some issues for players in inXile’s latest RPG, and the developer has recommended disabling it as a temporary workaround to resolve multiple issues.

how to disable auto-saves - wasteland 3
You can disable auto-saves to fix a slew of current progression issues in Wasteland 3.

If you’re struggling from one of the known issues that inXile has broken down on the official Steam community page, then disabling your auto-saves can possibly help resolve those issues while you wait on a more official fix. To disable auto-saves you’re going to need head into the Options menu. Once here, navigate to Gameplay and then look for the Autosave function in the selections.

All you need to do now is tick the Autosave function off and presto, that’s it. You can also turn off Tutorials and other things from this area, so go ahead and feel free to mess around with those settings if you see fit.

It should be advised that auto-saves are very important to progression in Wasteland 3. If you have to disable them as a workaround, then we highly recommend learning what your quicksave button is and saving often – especially before going into new areas and encounters. You never know when things might go sideways, so you should always be prepared with a recent save.

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