Totemic feels the winds of change in 2021

Indie adventure game Totemic (formerly Totem) has found a new home with Humble Games and is now set to release in 2021.


The team at Humble Games has been busy throughout the past couple of years helping dozens of indie gaming developers bring their visions to life. The latest developer to work under the Humble umbrella is the team at Collage Games, who has released a new trailer for their debut effort, Totemic.

Formerly operating under the title Totem, Totemic is a retro-style single-player action adventure RPG. Beyond its 16-bit pixel art aesthetic, Totemic stands out because of its main character, a young girl named Mara. Mara carries around an enchanted axe that can be used to chop down her foes. She also has the Gift of Change, which allows her to take any of her enemies and steal their abilities. Think of her as a more human Kirby, only less pink, less ball-shaped, and she doesn't have to eat her enemies. Mara can shift into different forms on the fly, allowing her to explore the vast game world that lies before her.

She'll need every one of her abilities to face off against the forces of evil and ultimately learn about her own heritage along the way. Totemic will take players across five regions, each one containing different quests, enemies, and dungeons filled with dangerous bosses. Mara's different forms can be used for more than exploration purposes, as the real-time combat system will have players utilizing her different abilities to take down powerful enemies.


Totemic has been in the works for months, but it's inching closer to a release date. While Humble Games and Collage Games aren't ready to commit to a release date at this time, look for the game to release some time in 2021. Totemic is coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch. For more information on this upcoming adventure, be sure to visit Humble Games.

(Editor's Note: Other Moon has gone through a rebranding and is now going by Collage Games. The article has been updated to reflect this change.)

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