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Destiny 2 Beyond Light trailer shows Revenant, Shadebinder, Behemoth subclasses

Bungie showed off a new Destiny 2 trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live that showcased the Hunter Revenant, Warlock Shadebinder, and Titan Behemoth subclasses.


Destiny 2 players were treated to a new Beyond Light trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live today. The trailer gave players a look at the new subclasses coming to the game. The Hunter Revenant, Warlock Shadebinder, and Titan Behemoth were shown off and, quite frankly, they look very cool.

The three subclasses all look like they'll bring a fresh take to the abilities of each class. With the Warlock Shadebinder, players can seemingly freeze their enemies and fracture them, smashing them into tiny bits. I don't know about you, but I'm interested in seeing how that's going to work on a Vex Hydra. The Hunter class is getting the Revenant subclass, and the gameplay showed off what looked like an ice pick being thrown and shattering the enemies that it hit. Hunters were also able to throw what appeard to be a grenade that froze opponents within its zone of control, and then the Hunter was able to kill them with a ranged melee attack. Titans, of course, did what Titans do, and that's smash stuff. Titans were shown crashing into the ground and even building a giant wall to keep their opponents boxed out of strategic areas.

All the subclasses shown featured the Stasis element, so each looked similar to the other at least aesthetically. Enemies were often frozen and then smashed to bits, which makes sense given the element name is Stasis. It's hard to predict which subclass will rise above the rest, but generally there is always one. As a Hunter, my hope is that Revenant isn't just a cool novelty subclass, but something I can really dig into and use effectively in end-game activites.

You can learn more about Destiny 2 and every tiny bit of content in the game with our Destiny 2 strategy guide. That should hold you over until Beyond Light releases.


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