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Fall Guys Season 2 sneak peek shows new costumes in medieval theme

Fall Guys Season 2 is on the way and fans were given a sneak peek at new medieval costumes coming to the game.


Fall Guys has taken the gaming world by storm, so of course, we're going to get seasons and a non-stop infusion of costumes and cosmetics. That's not a bad thing, just unexcitingly predictable. Well, today at Gamescom Opening Night Live a Fall Guys Season 2 sneak peek showed some new routes coming to the game, as well as new medieval-style costumes.

As seen in the Gamescom reveal trailer, Season 2 of Fall Guys is all about medieval madness. Expect tomfoolery involving knights, wizards, damsels in distress, and much more. As was the case with real people who lived during this time in history, you will spend your days jumping off of rickety drawbridges, dodging giant axes, and laying siege to your enemies' strongholds. You know, basic stuff.

As much of a test of skill and endurance as Fall Guys matches are known to be, the most important factor remains dressing up in hilarious outfits. Season 2 of Fall Guys continues the tradition and will see your guys decked out in various armored get-ups. The trailers also teased a wizard robe, a dragon suit, and additional threads to make sure you stand out among the other competitors.

If by chance you are unaware of what all this Fall Guys fanfare is about, be sure to check out our review, as well as a nice collection of guides to makes sure you aren't the first chump knocked out. The Season 2 update is currently slated for an October release. but no firm date has been announced thus far. You can check in on more info about Season 2 of Fall guys on the official website.


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