Fortnite server status - Is Fortnite Battle Royale down?

Curious if Fortnite servers are having issues? Here's how to check the Fortnite server status.


Fortnite’s latest season is here and that means a ton of players are jumping back in to check out the festivities and see what it is all about. If you’re experiencing some issues getting into the game, then knowing how to check the Fortnite server status can help you see if those issues are because of your own internet, or something you’ll need to wait on Epic to resolve.

Fortnite server status – Is Fortnite Battle Royale down?

Running into online connection issues in games like Fortnite can be extremely frustrating. Whether you’re having issues getting connected at all, or just finding that getting into new matches is slower than it normally is, there is now an easy way to check the status of the Fortnite servers to see if any of the services are down.

Fortnite server status
The Fortnite server status page will update you on all current known issues for Fortnite and several other Epic Games services.

To check the Fortnite server status, you’re going to need to make your way over to the official status page on Epic Games website. Here you can see a complete breakdown of any issues currently plaguing Fortnite, Battle Breakers, Epic Online Services, and the Epic Games Store. This is a good way to check whether the problems you’re experience connecting to the game are something you can troubleshoot – like an internet issue – or something that Epic will need to resolve.

Alongside the basic breakdown of all the current Epic services, you can also see any current alerts issues at the top of the page. For instance, in the screenshot that we’ve included above, you can see that there is currently an ongoing Fortnite outage, and that Epic is looking to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. There also is an alert about reduced download speeds in certain regions, which the publisher and developer is also investigating at the time of this screenshot.

Now that you know how to check the Fortnite server status, make sure you’re ready to go with the new season by heading over to our Fortnite guides topic. We’ve got a ton of handy content to help you make the most of your time in Epic’s hit battle royale.

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