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Stone Garden dungeon gameplay with ESO developers

The Stonethorn DLC is bringing new content to Elder Scrolls Online, and one exciting activity is the new Stone Garden dungeon.


The Elder Scrolls Online is about to receive a DLC dungeon pack in the form of Stonethorn. As part of the upcoming release, Shacknews got an exclusive look at the Stone Garden dungeon. Our esteemed video editor Greg Burke took to the dungeon on the public test server with a few other devs for a thorough walkthrough of what awaits players. Please check it out below!

ESO developers fight through the Stone Garden dungeon

The action kicks off pretty quickly in the Stone Garden dungeon. After a couple of scraps with groups of enemies, the team comes face-to-face with the first boss, a large werewolf that’s hell-bent on stopping the team from progressing.

One important new addition that the developers note is that in Veteran mode each boss has a hard mode that can be activated. This will allow players to have more control over the level of difficulty they want throughout the dungeon.

In terms of an ongoing narrative and story, the team likes to bring back characters that are fan-favorites. One such returning character is Gwendis. Those that have ventured into Greymoor will remember her as a vampire that opposes the dark and evil nature of vampirism. These little connections between the chapters and DLC add-ons make for a more cohesive and deeply engaging experience.

Stonethorn is set to release in August of this year and players can learn more by heading to the Stonethorn DLC page on the official Elder Scrolls Online site. Be sure to swing by the Shacknews Elder Scrolls Online page, it’s here you’ll be able to find the latest news as well as exclusive interviews with the developers.

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