New World preview: A brave new world

New World is working to bring more action to the MMORPG genre. Through our preview, it looks like it's doing just that.


Recently, I was invited to partake in the New World virtual preview event, which was a combination of prepared videos and gameplay. What the developers are trying to do with New World is bring the action aspect of the RPG genre into the MMO aspect of online gaming. It’s an open world online experience that relies on exploration. However, there’s more to New World than just exploration; players will be able to live the way they want to as there are several aspects of life in the game you get to choose.


Players will be able to customize quite a lot of features in New World. At the beginning of your journey, you’ll have to create your character. Typical RPG stuff here as you get to pick skin color, gender and the like. However, after you make your way into Aeternum, the land your adventure takes place in, you’ll have more options to choose from.

Spending points is a role-playing staple and New World is no different. You’ll be able to spend attribute points on different categories that will help you on your journey. If you want to be strong and have more health, you’ll be able to rectify that by spending attribute points. Completing tasks/missions is a way for you to gain more attribute points, so spend them wisely. You’ll also be able to make your character better by becoming a better fighter. What I mean by that is you’ll be able to use your skill tree to gain better abilities/skills for your character. If you’re skilled in spells, you’ll be able to use the skill tree to learn new, better ones. If you would rather be a respectable member of society, you have the option of buying a house and making it your home. If you want to decorate it, you have that option as well.

You’ll also have the ability to customize your weapons during gameplay. If you like to use a sword, but don’t like a certain thing about it, you have that option to make it suit your style. Players have the ability to equip three weapons at once and switch between them on the fly, so having the option to change strategies quickly is huge for battle.

Build reputation

If you thought that was all the customization New World has, you are sorely mistaken. As I mentioned prior, you’ll be able to customize your character, your weapons, and your house. However, you also have the option to join a faction and help that faction gain reputation. If the faction gains notoriety, it will be good news for the members of the faction. Also, there’s a faction store you can buy different things from; some of which you might only be able to get there exclusively. The same mechanic can be applied to the “territory standing” aspect. You’ll be able to help the territory gain experience/notoriety in terms of how the other territories regard your standing There is also a “trade skills” aspect where you can craft items and other needs for your quests/missions. You can level up your crafting skills to level 500 so get to work! 

Another aspect of your weapons is that the more you use them, the more weapon mastery points you can earn. Weapons have two different play-styles and you have the option of mixing features up from the weapon’s skill tree. Armor will be key to survival as well and heavy armor isn’t always best. If you need more defense, wear a heavier set of armor but be warned you could slow down your character as a result.


One of the more interesting features in New World is “war!” War allows the players combat aspects to really shine. It was also the main game-mode shown off during the virtual presentation. In war, there are two groups split up into equal sides and pitted against each other. The attackers try to capture three capture points, break a fort door, and get into the fort, capturing the central flag. Complete all of this in thirty minutes or less, and it’s an attackers victory, but that’s easier said than done. The “attack” side pushes and the “defenders” protect the area. It feels like the attackers are at a slight disadvantage during battle as the defenders have all kinds of interesting traps and features to use for defending. Siege weapons can be used by the defenders to prevent the attackers from taking over. As I mentioned earlier, the attackers are at a disadvantage as all the defenders have to do is prevent the attackers from victory and then it’s a defenders win.

During war, you’ll be able to spend battle points on things that you might need during combat. The main item you’ll be spending battle points on is ammo for your weapon as that’s an easy way to get it and be able to reload. You’ll have to use your head during the fight and come up with a strategy for victory as well as counter what the other team's plans. Will you be able to run straight into the fray, guns ablazing, or will you have to have a strategic plan, sneaking around landmines and other traps placed by the enemy?

The controls of New World feel really tight/smooth. Being able to change weapons on the fly by a simple push of a button is really helpful. You’ll be changing your strategy during fights often so changing quickly is welcomed. Spending attributes to upgrade is quick and easy to achieve. It’s just as quick to equip weapons to fight with as well as attack with them. Certain weapons like the hammer take a little getting used to, as it was a heavy weapon, throwing off the balance of your character.

Graphically, New World looks fantastic, as the opening cinematic is one of the better ones I’ve seen. Getting to see how your character becomes who they are prior to getting to Aeternum is very interesting. The “war” fights look great as you can actually tell what weapon each player is using. If you want to see what your character would look like with cool deer antlers, you’re in luck.

Explore the New World

To recap, New World is an MMORPG that is striving to bring the action aspect of role playing games into the MMORPG realm. There will be plenty of interaction with fellow explorers during your time in Aeternum. You can fight your way through it or join a faction for some sweet deals at their store; it’s up to you. Either way, make sure to use those attribute points for skills as you’ll have to fight at some point. It would be smart to toughen up before then.

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