How to find the right runway - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Tired of landing on random runways and not knowing where you should be? Here's how to find the correct runway in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.


If you’re like me you’ve been struggling to find the correct runway to land on in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. All too often I see the airport in the distance and wait to hear the air traffic controller call out the correct runway, but then I must spot it from the air and circle into position. Thankfully, there’s a much better way to find the correct runway to land on, and it’ll make you feel accomplished to pull it off.

Find the correct runway - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Thanks to the fine people at GameRevolution, we’ve learned of a cool trick to finding the correct runway in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Actually, two cool tricks.

The first trick is to use a website called SkyVector to find the airport you’re landing at and view the diagram of that airport. This will allow you to plan out your approach long before you get near your destination. It does require you to tab out of the game (unless you use a tablet, phone, or second PC), so it’s not my first choice in how to approach this problem.

The far cooler solution is to understand runway numbers. If you know you’re supposed to land on runway 23, you only need to add a 0 to the number and you have the compass heading for the runway. In this case it would be 230 degrees. You see, the number isn’t random. The number of the runway will always be the compass heading if you add a zero to the end. If you’re supposed to land on runway 07, the compass heading would be 70, which you can easily check as you’re flying the plane.

The letters in the runway can be L, C, R, or nothing at all. This stands for Left, Center, or Right. If you’re supposed to land on runway 07R, you’ll approach the runway following a 70-degree heading, and you will land on the right-most runway in relation to that heading. The letter will only be in the runway number if there is more than one option to land on for that heading.

Now that you have some tools to choose the correct runway to land on, be sure to visit the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 tag on Shacknews for more help.


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      You MUST make a "How to do a Barrel Roll" entry in this series eventually.

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      The articles y'all have been putting up on the game have been extremely helpful so far, thanks for that! Also, your SEO is apparently killing it because Shacknews has been the top result a few times when I've been searching for stuff about FS2020. This is on my secondary PC where I'm not logged into any of my accounts, so I don't think it's just pulling from my search history either.

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      Also important for beginners to know that runway selection is largely determined by the direction the wind is coming from. You always want to land into or take off into the wind if possible since that extra airflow over the wings gives you lift at a slower actual speed across the ground. This saves wear on tires, engines, makes an abort less dangerous, takes crosswind crab angles and technique out of the equation, etc.

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