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Hide the HUD - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Learn to hide the HUD in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to start taking in-flight screenshots.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a beautiful game, and it would be a shame if it didn’t allow players to hide their HUD to take some screenshots of the journeys. Luckily, you can remove the HUD, and this guide will explain how that works if you’re not sure.

Hide the HUD - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Hide HUD Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Removing or hiding the HUD in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 involves using the game’s Drone Camera. We have a Drone Camera guide if you’d like to dig deeper into how to use the game’s version of a photo mode but activating the Drone Camera and removing the HUD is as simple as pressing Insert on your keyboard. This will give you an external view of your plane (outside the cockpit), with your HUD elements hidden. From here you can use the Drone Camera controls to customize your shot, or just take a normal screenshot using whatever method you normally do.

Players can also hide the HUD by moving their mouse to the top of the screen and activating the top menu. From here, click the Camera option to access a pop-up menu that will get the job done. Honestly, though, memorize pressing the Insert key because it’s a lot less trouble. The menu is there, though, so if you can’t remember the proper key you have options.

Keep in mind that while your plane’s HUD will be gone, you may still see markers on the ground depending on how you’ve configured your navigation options. Those can be turned off in the game’s menu, of course, so a tiny bit of fine tuning could be required to truly get a screenshot with zero HUD elements in it.

We’re all about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 here at Shacknews, so be sure to check out Chris’ Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 review to see if you want to join us in the skies.


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