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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 controls and keybindings

Find out everything you need to know to tackle take-off and landing with these Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 controls and keybindings.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 delivers one of the best flight sims that players have ever managed to get their hands on. With that greatness comes some caveats, though, including quite a few complex control schemes. To help you master the art of flying we’ve put together this guide to all of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 controls and keybindings. When we’re done, you’ll have a better idea of what buttons you need to press and what each one does.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 controls and keybindings

It should go without saying, but we’ve got a lot of information to cover here. Because of that, we’ve broken this guide down into an easy to follow table that should make it much simpler to keep up with all the controls without having to scrolls through multiple pages. We’ll be updating this guide quite a bit over the coming weeks with all the controls and keybindings for each and every plane. To make navigation easy you can press Control + F on your keyboard and then type in the specific setting you're looking for. We'll also be adding in a table of contents as we add each individual plane later down the road.

microsoft flight simulator 2020 controls and keybindings
You're going to need help if you want to control all those different instruments in your plane.

Of course, before we start diving into the various planes that you can fly, let’s go over the most basic controls and keybindings for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Below we've broken down the default settings that you'll need to know. Keep in mind that the controls and keybindings can vary depending on what plane you are flying. As such, be sure to pay careful attention to each aircraft-specific section of this guide.

General Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Controls and Keybindings
Action Keybinding
Cockpit Camera
Toggle Cockpit Focus Mode RMB
Lookaround in Cockpit Mouse Axis X and Y
Toggle Cockpit Freelook (HOLD) RMB
Toggle Cockpit Freelook MMB
Unzoom Cockpit View Mouse Wheel Down
Zoom Cockpit View Mouse Wheel Up
External Camera
Toggle External View Focus RMB
Look Around Aircraft External Mouse Axis X and Y
Unzoom External View Mouse Wheel Down
External View Freelook MMB
Toggle External View Freelock (HOLD) RMB
Zoom External View Mouse Wheel Up
Instrument Views
Toggle Instrument View Freelook MMB
Toggle Instruments View Freelook (HOLD) RMB
Toggle Fuel Pump Alt + P
Toggle Marker Sound Control + 3
Minus Control + Num-
Plus Control + Num+
Toggle Pushback Shift + P
Request Fuel Shift + F
Display Navlog N
Display Map V
Sim Rate R
Skip RTC Backspace
New UI Window Mode Right Alt
Toggle Delegate Control to Copilot Contrl + Alt + X
Anti Ice
Toggle Anti Ice H
Toggle Pitot Heat Shift + H
Toggle Master Alternator Alt + A
Toggle Master Battery Alt + B
Toggle Master Battery & Alternator Shift + M
Engine Instruments
Decrease Cowl Flap Shift + Control + C
Select Engine E
Auto Start Engine Control + E
Engine Autostop Shift + Control + E
Increase Cowl Flap Shift + Control + V
Magneto M
Magnetos Both Shift + Alt + F
Magnetos Left Shift + Alt + S
Magnetos Off Shift + Alt + Q
Magnetos Right Shift + Alt + D
Magnetos Start Shift + Alt + G
Toggle Master Ignition Switch Alt + I
Flight Instruments
Select Airspeed Bug Shift + Control + R
Select Altitude Bug Shift + Control + Z
Toggle autorudder Shift + Control + U
Set Altimeter B
Decrease Heading Bug Control + Delete
Increase Heading Bug Control + Insert
Select Heading Bug Shift + Control + H
Set Heading Indicator D
Toggle Alternate Static Alt + S
Toggle Fuel Dump Shift + Control + D
Fuel Selector 1 All Alt + W
Fuel Selector 1 Off Control + Alt + W
Toggle All Fuel Valves Alt + V
Slew Mode
Slew Translate Up (Slow) F3
Slew Translate Up (Fast) F4
Slew Translate Backward Num 2
Slew Translate Forward Num 8
Slew Translate Down (Fast) F1
Slew Translate Down (Slow) A
Slew Y Axis Translation Freeze F2
Slew Roll Left Num 7
Slew Roll Right Num 9
Slew X Axis Translation Freeze Num 5
Slew Yaw Left Num 1
Slew Yaw Right Num 3
Slew Translate Left Num 4
Slew Pitch Down (Fast) F8
Slew Pitch Freeze F6
Slew Pitch Down Num 0
Slew Pitch Up 9
Slew Pitch Up (Fast) F5
Slew Pitch Up (Slow) F7
Slew Translate Right Num 6
Toggle Slew Mode Y
Camera Mode Switches
Cockpit / External View Mode END
Toggle Drone Insert
Cockpit Camera
Load Custom Camera 0 Alt + 0
Load Custom Camera 1  Alt + 1
Load Custom Camera 2 Alt + 2
Load Custom Camera 3 Alt + 3
Load Custom Camera 4 Alt + 4
Load Custom Camera 5 Alt + 5
Load Custom Camera 6 Alt + 6
Load Custom Camera 7 Alt + 7
Load Custom Camera 8 Alt + 8
Load Custom Camera 9 Alt + 9
Load Next Custom Camera K
Load Previous Custom Camera Shift + K / Right Shift + K
Save Custom Camera 0 Control + Alt + 0
Save Custom Camera 1 Control + Alt + 1
Save Custom Camera 2 Control + Alt + 2
Save Custom Camera 3 Control + Alt + 3
Save Custom Camera 4 Control + Alt + 4
Save Custom Camera 5 Control + Alt + 5
Save Custom Camera 6 Control + Alt + 6
Save Custom Camera 7 Control + Alt + 7
Save Custom Camera 8 Control + Alt + 8
Save Custom Camera 9 Control + Alt + 9
Decrease Cockpit View Height Down Arrow
Increase Cockpit View Height Up Arrow
Translate Cockpit View Backward Right Alt + Down Arrow / Alt + Down Arrow
Translate Cockpit View Forward Right Alt + Up Arrow / Alt + Up Arrow
Translate Cockpit View Left Left Arrow
Translate Cockpit View Right Right Arrow
Cockpit Look Down Shift + Down Arrow / Right Shift + Down Arrow
Cockpit Look Left Shift + Left Arrow / Right Shift _ Left Arrow
Cockpit Look Right Shift + Right Arrow / Right Shift + Right Arrow
Cockpit Look Up Shift + Up Arrow / Right Shift + Up Arrow
Cockpit Quickview Up Control + Up Arrow / Right Control + Up Arrow
Cockpit Quickview Rear Control + Down Arrow / Right Control + Down Arrow
Cockpit Quickview Right Control + Right / Right Control + Right Arrow
Cockpit Quickview Left Control + Left Arrow / Right Control + Left Arrow
Cockpit View Quickview Cycle Q
Reset Cockpit View Control + Space / F
Cockpit View Upper Space
Unzoom Cockpit View -
Toggle Smart Camera S
Zoom Cockpit View =
Drone Camera
Toggle Drone Depth of Field F1
Toggle Foreground Blur F5
Drone Top Down View Control + Space
Attach Drone to Next Target Control + Page Up
Attach Drone to Previous Target Control + Page Down
Toggle Drone Auto Exposure Control + F4
Toggle Drone Auto Focus F4
Decrease Auto Drone Rotation Speed F3
Decrease Drone Translation Speed F1
Decrease Drone Depth of Field F2
Increase Drone Depth of Field F3
Decrease Drone Exposure Control + F2
Increase Drone Exposure Control + F3
Increase Drone Rotation Speed F4
Increase Drone Translation Speed F2
Lock Drone to Next Target  T
Lock Drone to Previous Target Shift + T
Translate Drone Backward S
Translate Drone Down F
Translate Drone Forward W
Translate Drone Left A
Translate Drone Right D
Translate Drone Up R
Reset Drone Roll Space
Reset Drone Target Offset Num 5
Pitch Drone Down Num 2
Roll Drone Right Num 9
Pitch Drone Up Num 8
Yaw Drone Left Num 4
Yaw Drone Right Num 6
Roll Drone Left Num 7
Toggle Drone Follow Mode Tab
Toggle Drone Lock Mode Control + Tab
Increase Drone Zoom Num+
Decrease Drone Zoom Num-
Toggle Plane Controls C
External Camera
Reset External View Control + Space / F
External Quickview Left Control + Left Arrow / Right Control + Left Arrow
External Quickview Rear Control + Down Arrow / Right Control + Down Arrow
External Quickview Right Control + Right Arrow / Right Control + Right Arrow
External Quickview Top Control + Up Arrow / Right Control + Up Arrow
Unzoom External View -
Zoom External View =
Fixed Camera
Toggled Fixed Camera 10 Control + Shift + 0
Toggled Fixed Camera 1 Control + Shift + 1
Toggled Fixed Camera 2 Control + Shift + 2
Toggled Fixed Camera 3 Control + Shift + 3
Toggled Fixed Camera 4 Control + Shift + 4
Toggled Fixed Camera 5 Control + Shift + 5
Toggled Fixed Camera 6 Control + Shift + 6
Toggled Fixed Camera 7 Control + Shift + 7
Toggled Fixed Camera 8 Control + Shift + 8
Toggled Fixed Camera 9 Control + Shift + 9
Reset Fixed Camera F
Previous Fixed Camera Shift + A
Next Fixed Camera A
Instrument Views
Select Next POI Page Up
Reset Smartcam Control + F
Set custom Smartcam Target T
Next Smartcam Target Page Up + Control
Camera AI Player Home + Control
Previous Smartcam Target Page Down + Control
Toggle Follow Smartcam Target Page Down
Unset Custom Smartcam Target Shift +T
Previous Instrument View Shift + A
Next Instrument View A
Toggle Instrument View 10 Control + 0
Toggle Instrument View 1 Control +1 
Toggle Instrument View 2 Control + 2
Toggle Instrument View 3 Control + 3
Toggle Instrument View 4 Control + 4
Toggle Instrument View 5 Control + 5
Toggle Instrument View 6 Control + 6
Toggle Instrument View 7 Control + 7
Toggle Instrument View 8 Control + 8
Toggle Instrument View 9 Control + 9
Autopilot Airspeed Hold Alt + R
Decrease Autopilot Reference Altitude Control + Page Down
Increase Autopilot Reference Altitude Control + Page Up
Toggle Autopilot Approach Hold Control + A
Toggle Autopilot Attitude Hold Control + T
Toggle Autopilot Localizer Hold Control + O
Toggle Autopilot Mach Hold Control + M
Toggle Autopilot Master Z
Autopilot N1 Hold Control + S
Decrease Autopilot N1 Reference Control + END
Increase Autopilot N1 Reference Control + Home
Autopilot Nav 1 Hold Control + N
Decrease Autopilot Reference Airspeed Shift + Control + Delete
Increase Autopilot Reference Airspeed Shift + Control + Insert
Decrease Autopilot Reference VS Control + END
Increase Autopilot Reference VS Control + Home
Toggle Autopilot Wing Leveler Control + V
Autopilot Off Shift + Alt + Z
Autopilot On Alt + Z
Arm Auto Throttle Shift + R
Auto Throttle to GA Shift + Control + G
Toggle Avionics Master Page Up
Toggle Flight Director Control + F
Toggle Yaw Damper Control + D
Brakes Num Delete
Left Brake Num*
Right Brake Num-
Toggle Parking Brakes Control + Num Delete
Primary Control Surfaces
Aileron Left (Roll Left) Num 4
Aileron Right (Roll Right) Num 6
Center Ailer Rudder Num 5
Elevator Down (Pitch Down) Num 8
Elevator Up (Pitch Up) Num 2
Toggle Water Rudder Control + W
Rudder Left (Yaw Left) Num 0
Rudder Right (Yaw Right) Enter
Secondary Control Surfaces
Decrease Flaps F6
Extend Flaps F8
Increase Flaps F7
Retract Flaps F5
Toggle Spoilers Num /
Control Trimming Surfaces
Aileron Trim Left Control + Num 4
Aileron Trim Right Control + Num 6
Rudder Trim Left Control + Num 0
Rudder Trim Right Control + Enter
Elavator Trim Down (Nose Down) Num 7
Elevator Trim Up (Nose Up Num 1
Toggle Landing Gear G
Gear Down Control + G
Toggle Tail Wheel Lock Shift + G
Exterior Lights
Toggle Landing Lights Control + L
Landing Lights Down Shift + Control + Num 2
Landing Lights Home Shift + Control + Num 5
Landing Lights Left Shift + Control + Num 4
Landing Lights Right Shift + Control + Num 6
Landing Lights Up Shift + Control + Num 8
Toggle Strobes O
Toggle Beacon Lights Alt + H
Toggle Nav Lights Alt + N
Toggle Taxi Lights Alt + J
Interior Lights
Toggle Flashlight Alt + L
Toggle Lights L
Toggle Active Pause Pause
Toggle Basic Control Panel Control + C
Clear Search Delete
Toggle Pause Escape
Select 1 Alt + F1
Select 2 Alt + F2
Select 3 Alt + F3
Select 4 Alt + F4
Display Checklist Shift + C
Next Toolbar Panel .
Previous Toolbar Panel /
Back to Main Menu END
Close Menu Backspace
Fly Enter
Change Aircraft F11
Liveries F12
See Specifications F10
Help Menu Tab
Restart Free Flight Home
Restart Activity Home
Decrease Mixture Shift + Control + F2
Increase Mixture (Small) Shift + Control + F3
Set Mixture Lean Shift + Control + F1
Set Mixture Rich Shift + Control + F4
Decrease Propeller Pitch Control + F2
Propeller Pitch Hi Control + F4
Increase Propeller Pitch Control + F3
Propeller Pitch Lo Control + F1
Throttle Cut F1
Decrease Throttle F2
Increase Throttle F3
ADF Shift + Control + A
Com Radio C
Set Com1 Standby Shift + Alt + X
Com1 Switch to Standby Alt + U
Decrease Nav1 Frequency (Fract, Carry) Shift + Control + Page Down
Increase Nav1 Frequency (Fract, Carry) Shift + Control + Page Up
Nav1 Swap Shift + Control + N
Decrease VOR1 OBS Shift + Control + END
Increase VOR1 OBS Shift + Control + Home
VOR OBS Shift + V
Transponder T
Set Transponder Shift + Alt + W
Display ATC Scroll Lock
ATC Panel Choice 0 0
ATC Panel Choice 1 1
ATC Panel Choice 2 2
ATC Panel Choice 3 3
ATC Panel Choice 4 4
ATC Panel Choice 5 5
ATC Panel Choice 6 6
ATC Panel Choice 7 7
ATC Panel Choice 8 8
ATC Panel Choice 9 9
Frequency Swap X
Increase Wheel Speed Shift

As we stated above, we’ll be updating this guide quite a bit over the coming days and weeks. Make sure you check back often for the most up-to-date and complete information about each plane in the game. You can find out more info about the new flight sim by heading over to our Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 topic.

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