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Evergate brings dreamlike 2D puzzle platforming to Switch later today

The gentle adventure will be hitting Nintendo Switch later today so you can download and play very soon.


It seems there's something of a theme when it comes to exploring the afterlife in Nintendo Switch titles. One of the other titles to have debuted during today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase presentation today was Evergate, which was also a surprise launch for viewers.

At first blush, Evergate seems awfully similar to games like Ori and the Blind Forest, as you take control of a young spirit named Ki who's trying to make his way through the afterlife through locations from his old life. Once flitting through some of these areas, players will have to learn more about Ki's life and who he once was. And then you might want to check out Spiritfarer, while we're on the topic. 

Evergate has a unique ability called Soulflame that lets players use crystals found throughout the environments to create shields, edit platforms, and other parts of the environment. It's intriguing to say the least, and you have to see it in action to really appreciate it. It's almost a way to let you terraform the land in front of you, which makes for some very cool situations.

Otherwise, Evergate is a dreamy, pastel-colored journey that looks like a great time, especially if you like puzzle platforms. It's now available on Nintendo Switch, so if it strikes your fancy, you can give it a try as well as the other unique games that were shown off during today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase

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