ShackStream: Indie-licious traverses the puzzle of reality & imagination in Ever Forward

What's real? What's not? Where does imagination end and reality coldly grip us? Indie-licious will explore the mystery with Maya in Ever Forward.


Sometimes, the cruelty of the world demands an escape to a gentler place. Sometimes imagination can navigate us through hard times. A puzzle lays before us in Ever Forward and, as Maya, we will venture into blurry lines of imagination and reality to try to solve it on today’s Indie-licious ShackStream.

Ever Forward comes to us from developer Pathea Games, who previously worked on life/mining/farming sim My Time At Portia. Currently in an early access form (about 40% complete) on Steam, the game features a story in which players take up the role of Maya in a mix of reality and imagination. Confronting feelings of despair, wonder, and discovery, players will guide Maya through curious realms of puzzles and mysteries as we help her find her way forward through the blurry lines of her mind and reality.

Tune in for a look at Ever Forward’s beginning as we go live on the game on today’s Indie-licious ShackStream, in which we look at the latest and most interesting indie games out there. You can check it out at 1:45p.m. PT / 4:45p.m. ET on the Shacknews Twitch channel or watch the video below.

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The lines between reality and fantasy are foggy, but the answers to our questions begin with steps Ever Forward. Tune in as we take those steps and explore this mixed world puzzle platformer on Indie-licious.

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