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Apple patent focused on cloud gaming spotted online

The patent is apparently meant to help bring gaming on demand services to iOS devices.


Ready for a glimpse at what Apple could have up its sleeve next? A patent for a cloud gaming-centric service has appeared online that could give us some insight into what the company has planned in terms of game streaming.

Patently Apple originally found and reported on the patent, which was filed on February 6, 2020 and published this week. The patent, called “Enabling Interactive Service for Cloud Rendering Gaming in 5G Systems,” apparently meant to help bring game streaming services to users by way of cloud utilization.

"The game is stored, executed, and rendered on a remote server and the video results are streamed directly to the computing device," the patent explains. "This allows users to access games without regard to the capability of the user’s computing device, as the remote server is responsible for storing, executing, and rendering the game."

"The controls and button-presses from the user’s computing device are transmitted to the server, where they are recorded, and the server then sends back the game’s response to the input controls," the patent continues. "Current 5Gs system lacks the capability to provision interactive services for cloud rendering gaming in efficient and optimal manners."

The patent itself, seen above, feature a variety of different applications for the technology as well as ways Apple can go about tackling potential issues with the service. It's hardly a shock to see Apple working on such a method, considering Microsoft's Project xCloud will not be available on iPhone, nor is Google Stadia at this time.

What will Apple unveil for its iOS customers looking to get into cloud gaming? We'll have to wait and see.

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