Rocket Arena update 1.1 patch notes prepares for Blast in Paradise event

Rocket Arena is about to launch its two-week Blast In Paradise event, so brush up on today's 1.1 patch notes.


There's no way to sugarcoat this. Rocket Arena hasn't had the best launch. But there's no reason to throw in the towel this early on a game like EA and Final Strike's 3v3 arena shooter. The development team is on the verge of launching the game's first major event and that leads into today's 1.1 patch notes.

Rocket Arena update 1.1 patch notes

The following patch notes are taken straight from the Rocket Arena website:

  • Game Modes
    • Added limited time game mode variants, including Beach Ball and 2v2 Knockout
  • General
    • Added a Cross-Play activation message box
    • Added several rotating event playlists
    • Adjusted the idle boot time from 45 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Heroes
    • Reduced Kayi's buffed Primary damage while inside Snow Globe from 50.0 to 40.0
  • Accessibility
    • Text to Speech is now available outside of the Settings menu
  • Maps
    • New map! - Lagoon of Doom permanently added to the game
    • New map! - Grand Harbor permanently added to the game
    • Megadon Junction - Increased the impulse strength of the Rocket Rail Express
  • Regular Playlists Updates
    • Added Lagoon of Doom and Grand Harbor to the Social, Ranked, and Private Match playlists
  • Blast in Paradise Limited Time Events (NOTE: The following updates are limited time events scheduled for the release of the Blast in Paradise update. Playlists will be updated over the course of the event!)
    • Added Beach Ball to Social Arena
    • Added Beach Ball to Private Match
    • Replaced Social Knockout with Social 2v2 Knockout
  • Bug Fixes - User Interface
    • Fixed a couple profile settings not saving on consoles
    • Fixed the scoreboard being accessible during pregame with a gamepad

The big takeaway from this update is that Rocket Arena is launching its first event. This one is called Blast in Paradise, which takes players to two new tropical-themed maps. But on top of that, the notes indicate that the Lagoon of Doom and Grand Harbor maps will stick around beyond the event. The new maps aren't the only thing that will come from this event, as players can pick up free event rewards from Blastbeard's Bounty. Log in for various rewards, like special patterns, symbols, and even an outfit.

Blast in Paradise will also feature a couple of limited-time game modes. Beach Ball mode will task players with blasting away at a giant beach ball. Knockout Doubles in Paradise will add 2v2 Knockout to the new maps. And for the PvE players out there, Bots in Paradise will add three-player co-op to the two new maps.

Rocket Arena's Blast in Paradise event is set to begin this Thursday, August 13. It will run all the way through August 26. You can learn more about this event from the Blast in Paradise event page. And if you're looking to pick up Rocket Arena for yourself, it's still on sale on Origin for just $4.99, down from its original $30. (Hey, we mentioned the launch hasn't been great.)

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