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Ninjala downloads surpass four million, all players to receive 100 Jala

It looks like people still can't get enough of Ninjala, as the download count continues to rise.


It looks like Ninjala is still poppin' nearly two months after its release. Following its June 24 release on Switch, the game has amassed quite a bit of followers.

Ninjala has also surpassed four million downloads since debuting, according to an announcement by GungHo Online Entertainment. That's no doubt there's more records to be broken soon, as it was just July when Ninjala's downloads exceeded 3 million.

During the previous milestone, all players received 100 free Jala, or the premium currency with which users can purchase items and other cool goodies within Ninjala. The same is happening with 4 million, as all players will receive a gift of 100 Jala for their support this time as well.

Previously, I jumped into Ninjala to give it a try ahead of its release. Here's what I thought about it then:

"The bigger the bubble, the bigger the weapon that can be formed from said gum. If you blow a bigger bubble, you'll get a slower, heavier weapon with higher damage. If you blow a smaller bubble, you'll get a smaller, faster weapon. The blitz of a demo I participated in during PAX West barely gave me time to play around with the mechanics, but running around busting out parkour moves on rooftops and up the sides of buildings gave me a rush like little else."

Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates on Ninjala – and plenty more, for that matter. 

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