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Legends of Runeterra gets Call of The Mountain expansion in two weeks

Legends of Runeterra is ready to explore Mount Targon with the release of its next expansion, Call of The Mountain.


Legends of Runeterra has been climbing the mountain of collectible card games since its release earlier this year. At the top of that mountain is the game's newest expansion. On Monday, Riot Games announced that Legends of Runeterra would explore the realm of Mount Targon with the new Call of The Mountain expansion. Riot also detailed a new roadmap that will take the game through Spring 2021.

Call of The Mountain will add 89 new cards, seven of which are new champions. The new expansion will also usher in some new game modes and brand new cosmetics, though details on those aren't in just yet. Look for more information on those in the weeks ahead. Riot notes that with the arrival of the new expansion, Legends of Runeterra will receive new cards roughly every two months. Call of The Mountain will act as the first expansion in a three-expansion set, all of which will thematically take place in the Mount Targon region. While this expansion will contain 89 cards, the second and third expansions are expected to contain 40 cards each. Sets will make it easier to help compose rule structures for the future, similar to how things are organized in other CCGs, like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

Here's the roadmap for Legends of Runeterra that takes the game through the Targon region and into February 2021:

Legends of Runeterra 2020 roadmap

You can read more insight into Riot's design philosophy regarding expansions, sets, and major releases on the Legends of Runeterra website. Legends of Runeterra will hear the Call of The Mountain when it releases on August 26, which will also mark the start of the next Ranked season. We'll be watching this story and offer any updates as they arrive. In the meantime, if you're curious to try this game out for yourself, you can check out our Best Starter Decks guide to get you on your way.

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