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Hulk smashes Abomination in this Marvel's Avengers boss fight

Abomination is up to no good, so it's a good thing Hulk is here with his fists.


If you like to watch two jacked dudes just totally wailing on each other, then the Hulk and Abomination fight in Marvel’s Avengers is just for you. This boss fight features a huge Hulk fighting a monstrously yoked Abomination. This two-phase boss fight features environmental hazards in tight arenas and a few special abilities. Please check out the trailer below!

Hulk versus Abomination in Marvel’s Avengers

The gameplay footage opens with some narrative setup, with Abomination attempting to steal a small child. Thankfully, Hulk does what Hulk does best and smashes through a wall, knocking Abomination into what will be the boss fight arena.

From here, the gameplay shifts into a classic boss fight. Abomination’s health is split into three segments, which when reached, change the pace and tempo of the fight. In the first arena, there are giant spherical electrical orbs that players will need to avoid – or use to their advantage.

When the first segment of Abomination’s health is removed, the fight changes location. After a short fall down a long elevator shaft, Hulk finds himself in a room with electrified floor panels. As the charge winds up, players will have a few seconds to react and reposition, lest they become boxed into a smaller section.

The intensity also ramps up with Abomination gaining new powers. During the second phase, Abomination gains a gas-like area-of-effect that steadily damages the player over time. This will likely require some planning of attacks to manage, as players balance going in for damage versus fleeing to recover lost health.

Marvel’s Avengers is certainly looking to be an extremely polished experience. Visually, the game is quite impressive, with the outdoor sections (which contain stunning foliage) being especially striking. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Marvel’s Avengers page for more exclusive gameplay and news. Marvel’s Avengers is scheduled for a September 4, 2020, release date.

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