Intellivision Amico delayed to April 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic

The family-oriented, retro-flavored console won't hit store shelves now until April 2021 instead of this fall.


The Intellivision Amico is a new family-oriented console and light reboot of the original system from the '80s. It was meant for an October 2020 launch, but now it has been delayed to April 2021, citing issues brought on by the (you guessed it) coronavirus pandemic.

Intellivision head Tommy Tallarico took to a stream on Wednesday to make the announcement, noting that there have been several challenges unique to the ongoing pandemic that have caused the project to be pushed back. Tallarico noted that if the team were to have tried to get the system to retail in October, they would have ended up having to cut features and other goodies that he felt were mission critical to the system.

"Our [launch] date is going to be determined by specific quality criteria that the team has defined, and not a day before," Tallarico said during his stream. With that said, he's looking to try to get founder's editions of the system to those who purchased the system as early backers by April 3, 2021, so that might end up meaning some will have their systems before others.

The Intellivision Amico is still coming, so that's definitely a spot of bright news here. It's set for release at $249 and $279 in two different versions, and it will come with a variety of titles bundled with the final version.

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