Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have cross-play?

Gamers want to know if Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has cross-play between consoles and PC.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is here and players on PS4 and PC want to know if they can cross-play with one another. In this day and age, cross-platform play is becoming an expected feature for multiplayer games, so this question is bound to continue until it’s an industry standard.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout cross-play

Update (May 16, 2022): It has been confirmed that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will officially support cross-play across all platforms with the upcoming Free for All update.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available for Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch, as well as PC and PlayStation, starting on June 22, 2022. All versions of Fall Guys will feature cross-progression and cross-platform play via Epic Online Services.

Original story: At launch, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will not have cross-play. However, according to a report by Collin MacGregor of fanbyte, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will have cross-play at some point after launch.

It seems as if the developers at Mediatonic are well aware of the importance of cross-play and cross-platform support these days. Though no specific dates are set, it is a feature the team is working on implementing.

fall guys ultimate knockout crossplay
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout won't have cross-play when it launches, but the team are working on it.

This is surely some good news for those players out there that have friends spread across different platforms. Being able to jump into a multiplayer game with your friend, even if they’re on PS4 while you’re on PC, is fast becoming a must-have feature.

Until such time that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout receives its cross-platform support, players will need to think hard about where to purchase the game. Right now, it is available on Steam and PlayStation 4.

If you’re unsure about whether to pick up Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, take a moment to read over Donovan Erskine’s hands-on preview. While some of the social aspects are lacking, Donovan noted the hilarity that comes when the physics trips over the obstacle-based puzzles of Fall Guys:

From the jump, Fall Guys is just stupid levels of fun. Watching as players stumble over each other and come crashing down around you, desperately trying to make qualification is pure chaos in hilarious fashion.

While Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout does not have cross-play at launch, the developers are aware of the need of this feature and are reportedly working on it. If you want to play cross-platform with your friends, you may just need to wait a bit longer.

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