Shack Chat: What would make you buy an Xbox Series X?

With so Microsoft putting so much effort into gaming beyond a console, the Shack Staff talks about what it would take to sell them on the Xbox Series X.


Microsoft is in a very interesting position in the current console generation transition. Even as the next generation dawns and Microsoft and Sony prepare for their next console releases, Microsoft is doing a lot of work beyond the Xbox Series X. Whether it’s Xbox Play Anywhere letting players play Xbox titles on console or PC, the Xbox Games Pass giving players access to a wide array of Microsoft and Xbox games, or Project xCloud letting players access games from anywhere via smartphone and other enabled portable devices, the irons Microsoft has in the fire go well beyond a new console. With that in mind, is the Xbox Series X worthwhile? Is there a good reason to buy the console or does a new Xbox console become redundant among Microsoft’s widening array of gaming programs and accessibility? The Shack Staff chimed in and you can too in the Chatty comment section. Check out what we thought below.

Question: What would make you buy an Xbox Series X?

You can’t make me - Asif Khan, Still pretty good at Halo

This might be the weirdest generation of consoles ever. Microsoft and Sony are certainly still in an arms race in the living room, but Mr. Softy is really fighting the war on two fronts with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on PC. Outside of the need to review the device for our website’s coverage purposes, it would be hard for me to justify buying an Xbox Series X this fall considering I have several awesome PCs capable of playing every game coming to Xbox.

This isn’t the case with PS5, yet. This isn’t the case with Nintendo Switch either. Both hardware devices have a software ecosystem built around them that has kept many fans coming back over many generations of consoles. It is truly a divergence in philosophy, but Microsoft seems to understand the importance of having a robust catalog of IP.

Microsoft has been on an acquisition spree of late and many of their newly acquired studios are launching their games on Xbox Game Pass. While the service might not be profitable, it seems like this is the future for Xbox players.

I am probably going to buy an Xbox Series X, but I am not your usual consumer and I have to do it for Shacknews. I understand why many people may hold off this Fall, given the economic climate brought on by the pandemic and the lackluster launch lineup. At least we all have Xbox Game Pass, which is the real reason to stay a part of the Xbox ecosystem, whether that happens to be on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC.

Take the PS4 approach - Ozzie Mejia, Senior Editor

What do I mean by the PS4 approach? Well, what is one thing that's stood out above all else about the PlayStation 4? It's that Sony has taken many of their best first-party developers and given them something new to do. They took the Killzone guys and made Horizon Zero Dawn. They took the Ratchet & Clank guys and made Marvel's Spider-Man. They took the LittleBigPlanet guys and made Dreams. They took the Sly Cooper guys and made Ghost of Tsushima. While there was God of War and The Last of Us, there was also no fear when it came to running forward with new IPs and marketing them as "From the makers of your favorite past franchises."

What makes Microsoft so well-equipped for this is that they've been scooping up developers left and right to bolster their first-party lineup. They can look at Double Fine, Obsidian, Ninja Theory, and whoever else, and encourage them to go out and bring something new to the table. That's what would make me more interested in Xbox. It's not the new Halo, but rather the next Halo.

Bugsnax - Blake Morse, Bugsnax

I would buy anything for Bugsnax! Anything… Even an Xbox Series X. Too bad they don’t have Bugsnax though.

Not much - Chris Jarrard, Owned 6 Red-ringers

As a primarily PC player, I have yet to see anything on the gaming front to entice me into buying into the Xbox ecosystem. That said, I have enjoyed the Xbox controllers for PC use over the last two console generations and previously owned a large handful of (mostly broken) Xbox 360s. If backwards compatibility from the older generations were to become more robust (specifically licensed/sports titles), I might give the old Series X a swing.

I could also see myself giving the box a chance as a media playback device in a home theater setup, but Microsoft would need to do a much stronger job of supporting that market (and I don’t mean using the console as a DVR). The Xbox One X likely blew its big shot at being viable for home theater users thanks to its botched handling of HDR output for UHD discs. If the Series X launches with the hardware and software support that positions it as the best optical disc player it could fill a hole in the mid-range market left by the absence of the Oppo-branded Blu-ray players. The box would need extensive support for the playback and passthrough of the ever-evolving collection of media codecs and formats, such as passing through uncompressed surround audio from things like the Plex app. Offer up a world-class streaming disc player with a strong remote and Microsoft could make a believer out of me, even if I have no intention of playing Halo on Xbox.

Buying one already - Sam Chandler, Xbox Guy

I’m buying an Xbox Series X for the same reason I’ve purchased every other Xbox: I agree with Microsoft’s practices, enjoy the games Microsoft publishes, and want to continue supporting those that benefit from being in that ecosystem.

While the Xbox One had a rocky launch, everything else about the Xbox has been incredible. The OG Xbox had phenomenal games and four controller ports, the Xbox 360 had some of the best games of the generation, and the Xbox One continues to offer groundbreaking services.

I’ve put my faith in Microsoft each generation, and I’ll do it again with the Series X. I can’t wait to see how it looks in my TV cabinet, alongside its predecessors.

I’ll be getting it anyway - Donovan Erskine, Contributing Editor

Though I’ve branched to all other mainstream consoles, as well as PC, Xbox is home for me. It’s where all my friends are, and it’s the ecosystem I feel most comfortable with. My preferred place to play games nowadays is on my PC, but you can bet I’ll be getting a Series X. That being said, I plan on getting a PS5 first (because of exclusives), and then buying a Series X at a later date. As someone who covers games for a living, I also find it necessary to at least have access to the major consoles so that I can have an informed opinion on them.

I buy all consoles, so I’m getting this one too - Brittany Vincent, Senior Editor

I don’t really use Xbox Game Pass and spend any cash left I have on games I probably could get for free if I wait, but I hoard games. I also love physical copies and abhor getting everything digitally. I buy every new console that comes out, no questions asked, because I'm a video game collector first and foremost. I want to own all systems and I want to make sure I'm never left out when it comes to new games I want to play. But more importantly, it's my job to cover games, no matter what system they're on. It doesn't make sense to me as a career game journalist to skip out on buying any console, even if you could feasibly play the same games on PC. Even if you just want a change of pace.

I have multiple pricey gaming PCs that I've custom-built as well as multiple Xbox One Xs, PlayStation Pros, and Switches (in addition to my console and game collection), but I was in for a Series X the instant I heard it was coming down the pipeline. I’m always hype for new consoles, and I can’t wait to see what they offer, even if they appear largely the same as what I already have.

As far as the general public, I'm sure not everyone wants to deal with building or upgrading PCs nor the dance of "will it or won't it work?" when installing new games. I don't mind it, as that’s par for the course. My systems will run anything I throw at them. But some players don't care for these things, so it makes perfect sense that people would prefer a console over a platform that's potentially graphically superior with better performance. It all comes down to personal preference. Me? I prefer it all.

Putting it simply, video games are my lifeblood, and the relatively small investment that an Xbox Series X represents is nothing compared to the return when it comes to covering games for it. I also want every game I can get my hands on, so this is where my money goes. I don’t see console wars. I don’t care about concepts like “will this be a system seller?” or “why should I buy this?” in the grand scheme of things. It is a system, I buy it. I use it for coverage and add it to my collection. Next question.

Nothing - Bill Lavoy, Coffee Lover

With the way Microsoft currently operates, there’s nothing that will make me buy an Xbox Series X if it’s for personal use. For work, sure.

For the entire current generation, Sony stomped all over Xbox with its PS4 exclusives, and I don’t want to hear a single person mention Halo, because selling systems isn’t about one must-have exclusive, it’s about a collection of exclusives. Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and many more that were at least PS4 exclusives for a period of time before making their way to PC, like Death Stranding, Detroit: Become Human, and soon Horizon Zero Dawn. There are probably a couple games in that list you’d play, and when you start to add them up it begins to make sense to buy a PS4. This is how Sony has sold PS4 consoles.

Microsoft simply doesn’t have the games or even a similar business strategy, and that’s okay. They were losing the war of exclusives, so what did they do? They created Xbox Games Pass, almost universally agreed to be the best video game subscription service on the market. Microsoft couldn’t entice you to buy an Xbox in the same way Sony did a PS4, so they removed the need for you to buy one and created an entirely new business model.

For someone like me with a high-end gaming PC, there’s nothing left Microsoft can do to make me buy an Xbox Series X, but they did create an environment where I almost can’t live without Xbox Games Pass. Instead of trying to catch Sony, they simply took their own path. Oh, and they are buying studios like I buy Tim Hortons coffee, so they might end up winning the exclusives war at some point anyway.

Not much - Josh Hawkins, Guides Guy

Honestly, there isn’t a good reason for me to buy an Xbox Series X other than “I might need it for work”. I already get access to the latest games from the Xbox Studios’ teams thanks to the Play Anywhere system that Microsoft introduced a few years back. To be honest, though, I think that Microsoft has set themselves up in a really great position for the consumers. They really seem to be trying to put players first, instead of just trying to push their console sales.

Of course, only time will tell if that move proves to be beneficial or detrimental to the overall success of the Xbox console line. With that in mind, though, I think that there are enough people there who have years in the Xbox ecosystem that are more than willing to pick up the new Xbox, especially with all of the additional benefits that Microsoft is throwing in - like Gamepass and Smart Delivery.

But, if they release Fable early on the Xbox Series X, even if it’s only a month or so before the PC release, I will buy an Xbox Series X.

A shift in studio priority & event console preference - TJ Denzer, Newsman Series X

Y’all… I love fighting games. That’s where my greatest interests in gaming still currently sit, to the point that I compete both online and out there at physical events when I have the opportunity in addition to the coverage I write on these games. And the fact of the matter is that groups like Capcom, Arc System Works, and my other favorite developers still currently optimize their products and push events on PlayStation consoles. It doesn’t appear that is about to change with the shift to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. I don’t see events like EVO, Dreamhack, Texas Showdown, and other events shifting off of PlayStation systems and there’s nothing on the horizon that convinces me otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what Xbox is doing with the design of the Xbox Series X and the wealth of consumer friendly and accessibility programs like Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox Game Pass, Project xCloud, and Smart Delivery. But unless you tell me that Guilty Gear Strive or Street Fighter 6 are coming to Xbox Series X, will be prioritized on that console, and will be played on the Series X in tournaments, I know where my priorities stand for both personal use and work. Besides, Microsoft already did the work of making sure I won’t miss out on a game that interests me with Xbox Play Anywhere and Game Pass. There’s just no need for me to spend money just to have a shelf filler that’s technically redundant to everything else I have available.

PC Overload & Achievements - Greg Burke, Head of Video

People haven’t been shy in voicing their opinions on the internet about the Xbox Series X. “We’ll if everything’s going to be on PC, why do I need an Xbox Series X?” While I agree that the PC will always be ahead of console hardware, there’s a huge thing that makes me play on console instead of my 5,000 dollar PC. I spend on average 8-12 hours a day on my PC in my office, and the last thing I want to do when I’m off the clock is spend another 4-5 hours sitting in the same spot playing games on the same PC. That’s where the Xbox comes in, it’s nice to be able to lean back, have your feet up and play a console game in your living room. It’s just different. That’s the main reason I'll buy an Xbox Series X is to get a break from my PC and office where I spend the majority of the day already. I am a huge enthusiast of Xbox’s Achievements system. I really enjoy achievement hunting after I’ve beaten a game I've enjoyed. So, yeah. I’ll buy an Xbox Series X for those two reasons.

Cutting-edge features - David L. Craddock, long reads editor

Nearly 20 years ago, late Nintendo Company Ltd. president Satoru Iwata removed Nintendo from the “arms race” of the console wars by choosing to do something different. Sometimes, as with the Nintendo DS, the Wii, and the Switch, that something works out. Sometimes, as with the Wii U, it doesn’t. (One could also lump the 3DS family of hardware into this category, but it picked itself up… eventually.)

Since then, Microsoft and Sony have put out boxes that have been redundant. And that kind of worked out for consumers. You could look at each box and choose one or the other based on its price and library of exclusives. As for multiplatform games, well, they’re multiplatform. You’ll be able to play them everywhere. Now, however, Microsoft has joined Nintendo in doing something different, and that something is revolutionizing the way we’ll play games. With Game Pass, $10 a month gets you hundreds of games you can play on traditional Xbox consoles or on your Windows 10-powered PC. Xbox is no longer just a console. It’s a concept that manifests in myriad ways: today, a console and a PC; tomorrow, an Xbox controller synced to your smartphone, tablet, or - dare to dream - your Nintendo Switch.

That does lead to an obvious question: Why buy an Xbox Series X when, like me and fellow Shacknews editor Chris Jarrard, you’ve got a gaming PC leaps and bounds ahead of consoles that were released six-plus years ago? Answer: Because the Series X and PS5 will do things the PC cannot do at present. That might be the first time anyone outside of a console’s marketing team typed that sentence and meant it. Series X and PS5 will come with SSDs standard, not optional. That will make loading times in games trivial, at least for a while, and that’s something I can’t get on my PC at present. Short loading times, yes. Negligible loading times… usually.

“Xboss” Phil Spencer has said all Xbox Series X exclusives will be compatible with Xbox One X for at least the first two years of Series X’s lifecycle. That means that until 2022 or so, I don’t need a Series X. I’m not the sort of tech geek who drops hundreds of dollars on the latest phone, tablet, or box just because it exists; it needs to justify its expense to me. And that’s okay. Like Nintendo and its Switch, Microsoft is causing us to rethink the way we view consoles. I won’t need an Xbox Series X at launch - I’m not on the games review beat and haven’t been for years--but when a title comes along that makes me frown in abject disappointment at my PC, which can run anything and everything as of this writing at 100+ frames with all the antialiasing you can shake a polygon at, I’ll add one more box to my entertainment center.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Hardware is incidental. Really, it’s an expensive gate that has locked too many people out of enjoying great game experiences. Until or unless the physical form of Xbox Series X justifies its cost to me, $10 a month for Game Pass suits me just fine.

A certain game or two-Steve Tyminski, Contributing Editor

It feels like we’re jumping into another console wars like we had in the 1990’s. That being said, the question has been brought up: “What would get me to purchase an Xbox Series X?” The answer could be narrowed down into two things, a brand new Banjo-Kazooie game, more like the Nintendo 64 titles, and a brand new hockey game at launch. Hell, I’d settle more for a Rare title that looks/feels like the classic Rare days. If it has those games, I could be swayed to get one. I don’t see either game getting released with launch or at all in the case of Banjo but one can dream, right?

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    TJ Denzer posted a new article, Shack Chat: What would make you buy an Xbox Series X?

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        July 31, 2020 3:44 PM

        ok, serious question.

        What about "exclusives" makes a console better?

        I have been struggling to truly understand this.

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          July 31, 2020 3:47 PM


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            July 31, 2020 3:51 PM

            I am serious, would the value of the PS4 be less of last of us was on Xbox1? Or the if the new MS flight sick was on the PS4?

            I am serious here, and coming from a PC user perspective, how is "you can't play this, but I can" an attractive thing?

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              July 31, 2020 4:01 PM


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                July 31, 2020 4:03 PM

                Sure i get that, but why do folks feel that those games be "exclusive"? Wouldn't the game being on both platforms be better for everyone?

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                  July 31, 2020 4:08 PM


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                  July 31, 2020 4:13 PM

                  He's not saying he wants exclusives he is saying that good games that are exclusive to a particular console would make him want that console (so he can play those games).

                  • reply
                    July 31, 2020 4:16 PM

                    Like why would you buy an Xbox if all the games coming out on it are available on another console or pc that you already own. If the Xbox has games that are only on Xbox, then that is a reason to buy it.

                  • reply
                    July 31, 2020 4:16 PM

                    I get that, but as I was saying, some folks do want exclusives.

                    • reply
                      July 31, 2020 4:25 PM

                      People want to feel like their purchase is justified; having more things to play on it is clearly better.

                      Ignore the 'console wars' guys who get lit up over it, though. They're not being rational. More people getting to experience a title like Death Stranding is great.

                      • reply
                        July 31, 2020 4:27 PM

                        I'm still loving my Norman Reedus simulator and hope to finish it in time to play HZD on PC on release day!

                    • reply
                      July 31, 2020 5:28 PM

                      I don't think they want exclusives. I think they know they'll happpen regardless and therefore, they want those games. They don't demand they'll be ONLY on one system, they just hope they come to the system they prefer.

                    • reply
                      July 31, 2020 5:39 PM

                      Who... What?

                    • reply
                      August 1, 2020 4:57 AM

                      "Many, many people, smart people, are saying that exclusives, they're good things, very good things"

                    • reply
                      August 1, 2020 5:25 AM

                      This is the problem, exclusives actually are bad, but i will buy the console that has the better ones...

                • reply
                  July 31, 2020 5:34 PM

                  define everyone. The ability to differentiate your product matters to its success and your ability to invest more money in its future success. A market segment without the ability to significantly differentiate products from competitors often doesn't end up with the best quality products available to consumers because no producer can invest significantly in a bunch of easily copied features. Consider for example the PC OEM market and Android phone market where everyone largely sells the same hardware vs what Apple is able to do/justify by having an exclusive (iOS/OSX).

                  • reply
                    July 31, 2020 5:42 PM

                    Everyone = consumer.

                    My question is to try and understand the folks that would buy a console because “it has the most exclusives” regardless of the specific quality of those games.

                    Why would “it can’t be played anywhere else” be something that folks celebrate?

                    Are there folks out there thinking to themselves “wouldn’t it be great if the new elder scrolls games was an exclusive to platform X”? I think there are.

                    I get that folks want to feel superior in their console war bubble, especially after putting money into a single platform, but that just kind of boggles me that folks think this limitation is a “good thing” and encourage it.

                    It is especially silly when folks say “well, PC doesn’t count” when defining exclusivity. That just reinforces the “console war kiddy” mindset.

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                      July 31, 2020 5:45 PM


                      • reply
                        July 31, 2020 5:50 PM

                        Well, can't say I didn't try.

                        This was a genuine question to try and understand the console "exclusivity" mindset.

                    • reply
                      July 31, 2020 5:50 PM

                      Why would “it can’t be played anywhere else” be something that folks celebrate?

                      Because literally the most valuable feature of a console is what games it plays. The entire purchasing decision is about what games this console enables you to play. If you own 0 gaming machines then any console offers you a huge catalog. If you own any console/PC then the additional value of a second machine depends almost entirely on the non-overlapping sets of games each play, especially now that cross platform multiplayer is becoming common.

                      Are there folks out there thinking to themselves “wouldn’t it be great if the new elder scrolls games was an exclusive to platform X”? I think there are.

                      If you mean like 'there's literally a couple teenagers on a Playstation fan forum like this' then yes. If you mean a significant segment of consumers then no. There's no real group of people hoping Madden goes Playstation exclusive or Call of Duty becomes an Xbox exclusive.

                      Console manufacturers make sure there are exclusives for their platforms either via first party development or funding 3rd parties. It's a given that a console owner will do this because it'd be pretty insane not to from a product perspective. So consumers know there will be exclusives always so then they care about which ones they get access to with certain hardware when making their purchasing decisions. It's that simple.

                    • reply
                      July 31, 2020 6:51 PM

                      people want to buy the market leader, because theyll have more users, more likely their friends will be on the same platform, more likely their console wont be dusted like dreamcast was. Also you see instances where a game like cuphead which MS partly funded to completion, could not say no to releasing it on PS4 eventually

                      Its still petty reasons, like this is still a console war mindset, but whatever some people want to cheer for a company. I cheer for apple cause i love their design and i hope they dominate the world

                    • reply
                      July 31, 2020 7:08 PM

                      The console market is about games. It's not about hardware. It's not like the PC market.

                      You buy a console because you need it to play the games you want to play.

                      People buy a Switch because they like Nintendo games (they are really great, so fair enough). They will buy a ps5 because Sony have a pretty good track record of interesting games stretching back a couple of decades. And of course it'll play the multiplatform games well enough too.

                    • reply
                      July 31, 2020 9:04 PM

                      Have you ever wanted to play a Nintendo game and realized your PC can't play it?
                      Or Sony game?
                      Have you ever considered buying one of those consoles to play that game you really really wanted to play?

                      That's how these companies get you to buy their product (console). They can get you into their ecosystem like Android and iOS. Have you buy digital games from them or destiny bucks, or fortnite skins, etc. And they get a cut from that.
                      But first they have to create things that their machine can only play or do. It's a smart investment to pump money into these talented people to make some amazing software for you.

                • reply
                  July 31, 2020 8:15 PM

                  No. If something is designed from the ground up to be a system exclusive it usually means it doesn't have to make any compromises to be easily ported to another platform. So everything is tuned for that combination of hardware and low level operations that are usually specific to that platform. For this next generation that will mean a game on PS5 will likely be tuned specifically to make full use of that hyper speed of the storage system. Xbox game should be tuned for the fact that it's clocks are constant. Etc.

                  That, or just being exclusive, don't necessarily make for better games. But, it usually means they should be great from a technical perspective. And, usually, the game itself is great from having a lot of development focus (basically higher budget).

                  This whole point is what still has me on the fence for which system to get at launch. I went PS4 because it had more games I wanted to play which were exclusive to the platform. PS5 will likely have similar games that are exclusive, but not within the launch window. So, Xbox might be the more attractive platform for me; especially with all the backward compatibility that should be offered for my old library of games. Hopefully some of the launch games will be worth it too, but that isn't looking great just yet either. HOWEVER, Game Pass and being able to play games I missed this generation is a pretty appealing feature of the platform.

        • reply
          July 31, 2020 3:56 PM

          Well in my case I’m interested in the PS5 because of games that will only be on that system and because I’m already invested in Sony’s ecosystem.

          For me to want a series X I would want something that interests me that I can only play there. I’ll still get all the cross platform stuff regardless on PS5 and since I don’t have a gaming PC right now the series x is interesting. But, it’s got to have games I can only get there to get me interested enough to consider it. As it stands right now, their exclusives aren’t interesting enough to me to consider the added expense.

          • reply
            July 31, 2020 4:00 PM

            “But, it’s got to have games I can only get there to get me interested enough to consider it”

            This thinking is what I can’t get around, would you be pissed of your “really awesome exclusive game” came out in the other platform 6 months later?

            How does that exclusivity change the value of your console or your game?

            • reply
              July 31, 2020 4:04 PM

              i dont think its the exclusivity itself, its not like people are like aw yiss this game cant be played by xbox gamers that gets me hard.

              its just if two consoles are tied, and one console has last of us and the other doesnt, then you get the one with tlou

              • reply
                July 31, 2020 10:22 PM

                i had so much trouble saying exactly this, thank you

            • reply
              July 31, 2020 4:11 PM

              I certainly wouldn’t be pissed if the game came out on another platform.

              But here is where I stand. I want a next gen console, both are similar spec wise with some having advantages in one area vs the other.

              Which do I pick? Cross platform games I get everywhere. So, does one system have games that I want to play that I am not going to be able get on the other?

              If yes, then I go with the system I can play the exclusive games on knowing I’ll get the majority of the rest.

              I’m not the type that wants one system to do better than the other. It’s simply a value proposition.

        • reply
          July 31, 2020 4:11 PM

          Because if they are exclusive and you want to play them, you have to buy the console to play them?!

          • reply
            July 31, 2020 4:14 PM

            And that game being “locked” makes that console better?

            My question is in response to the folks that think “exclusivity” or “the most exclusives” is a value add.

            • reply
              July 31, 2020 4:27 PM

              Better compared to the others? Not necessarily, but it sure it's a reason to buy one if you don't want to miss out on those titles.

              I think what Microsoft is doing by releasing their games on current gen Xbox, next gen Xbox and PC is nice from a consumer perspective, but if you own a PC and are thinking of getting a console you will probably buy the one you cannot play its games on your PC, and that is probably why Switch and PS4 are doing so well in sales (Xbox catalogue doesn't help either but that is changing).

            • reply
              July 31, 2020 4:44 PM

              I get what you are saying and I know there are some people that want exclusives.

              I do think there is an argument to be said about exclusives having value if they are being designed to take advantage of specific features of a console vs cross platform developers just targeting the lowest common denominator like they often do. But, I’d rather a game be available on every platform if possible.

              What I am saying is for me, and other sensible folks, when you have to choose between A or B console to play games, and both are similar, you are going to look at what games can you play there. And if one system has games you want to play that you can’t play elsewhere.

              For me, that’s PS5. For others it may be Xbox. For others it may be PC or switch. And for some it’s a combo of them.

              In my case I don’t have a gaming pc and the cost to build one that I would consider “good” is going to cost me way more than either console. I’ve got a sizable PS4 library and most if not all of what I have will likely be playable on the PS5. And, it’s got games coming out on it that are not going to be on other platforms. So, it’s a no brainer to switch up to the newer system.

              For MS, to get me on a series x, they would have to have enough incentive to make me consider otherwise. And, while I’ve got a bunch of 360 games, I still have my 360 so I can play them there if I really want. So backwards compatibility isn’t as big a deal right now for me. So, I go “does MS have anything coming out that is only on their system that I consider a must have right now?” The answer is no, so the logical course is to go PS5.

              • reply
                July 31, 2020 4:50 PM

                Also sidebar I *do* think timed exclusives are bullshit and bad for the industry as a whole.

                It’s one thing to say you are only going to develop a game for a specific platform either because it’s a 1st/2nd party title or because the game is taking advantage of specific features/design of a platform that means it would be compromised on another.

                It’s another to make an arbitrary choice simply because of money hats to purposely delay a title that is going to be cross platform eventually. Those types of exclusives I hate with a burning passion.

                • reply
                  July 31, 2020 5:02 PM

                  so a exclusive that paid enough to make it permanent is better than one that only paid enough to have a limited exclusive period?

                  • reply
                    July 31, 2020 7:00 PM


                    If, for example, Sony or Nintendo fully funds a game into existence either because they own the developer or paid for the game to exist, then that’s their right to choose where they release it because they paid for and own it. Game wouldn’t exist if they didn’t.

                    If a game is specifically designed for a feature/capability/form factor of a system by a company then it makes sense it may be an exclusive because it wouldn’t work on another platform. For example a VR game isn’t going to be on series x because it has no VR support. Or a game taking advantage of the ssd speed on a PS5 or portable nature of a switch might not come to series x because to make it work otherwise might compromise the game experience or design.

                    But, if a third party developer pays for and builds a game to run on all platforms, then as a marketing deal accepts money after the fact from a company to only release on one platform for a period of time then release everywhere else later, that annoys me because the game was built and intended for wide release and marketing/pr created a forced exclusivity. I get it, it’s business, but I don’t think it’s cool for the gaming community.

                    Anyway, if you can’t get it otherwise I don’t know how else to explain it. Exclusivity isn’t something I want or celebrate. But it exists either by functional design or funding. So, if I want to play a game I’m going to play it on the platform it is available on.

                    Don’t confuse picking a platform because it has games exclusive to it, as celebrating exclusivity. It’s just one of a multitude of deciding factors just like performance, controls, services, etc all are for any product you buy.

        • reply
          July 31, 2020 4:17 PM

          It makes it "better" because it's the only place you can play those games. If those games came out only on Xbox I'd buy an Xbox.

          Sony has killed it with its 1st party output this generation, they also had other good 3rd party exclusives. Compared to Xbox it was a bit embarrassing. Hopefully this changes this generation or even if MS can't compete on quality 1st party titles at least gives them a fight on services (gamepass, xcloud, there are rumors they will make multiplayer gaming free).

          To me getting a PS is same as getting a Nintendo console, you know there are good games there you cannot play elsewhere. Sony is releasing some games on PC now but I don't think they will do PC releases same day on PC like Xbox will.

        • reply
          July 31, 2020 4:23 PM

          Really? Being the only place to play something is clearly valuable if you want to play that thing.

          MS clearly considers the entire MS ecosystem, including windows, to be their platform, which is fine with me - I'll play their games and I don't need to buy their hardware to do so. They've already gotten a windows license out of me.

          • reply
            July 31, 2020 5:12 PM

            For me it feels a bit exploitative. Don't get me wrong I can see why Sony do it and I'm not complaining that they do, but I do find it a bit Stockholm syndrome how people tend to praise Sony for not having their games on PC and complaining that MS does.

            • reply
              July 31, 2020 5:21 PM

              Who complains that MS has titles on PC? It's great.

              As I said above, ignore the console warriors; they're not being rational.

              • reply
                July 31, 2020 5:32 PM

                Every Xbox thread on here has people complaining about their titles being on PC. Don't get me wrong Sony do fantastic games, but it wouldn't stop me buying a PS5 even if their games were all on PC.

                • reply
                  July 31, 2020 5:41 PM

                  It does? I haven't seen that. I'm happy they're available on PC. I won't buy an Xbox because they're on PC, but that's not a complaint.

        • reply
          July 31, 2020 5:18 PM


        • reply
          August 1, 2020 5:21 AM

          Not sure how this is a mystery. Some console has games you want to play and can only play there. Therefore, you want to get that console.

          ... it's not more complicated than that.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 3:16 PM

      honestly i have no intention of ever buying one. I'm a day 1 buyer of PS5

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 3:18 PM

      I’ll eventually buy it when the right game or games come out, and the price isn’t insane. I already own and Xbox One X and a good PC with a good video card, so I’m not dying for one.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 3:40 PM

      Good price and actual exclusives. As is I am eyeing the PS5 but would consider adding a series X if they have an exclusive that really grabs me. Otherwise, I may get one later or just gamepass it up when I build a VR rig.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 3:52 PM

      Mouse+keyboard support as they floted it a million times and silently implemented in some shit like minecraft.

      Also Ninja gaiden black and Ninja gaiden 2. They annouced hdr for the already dope 4k@60fps backwards compatible versions, make that 120 and bribe itagaki with some raybans, a bag of coke and stripper thursdays to make a "spiritual successor".

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 4:11 PM

      GPU prices.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 4:12 PM

      Already plan on buying both.

    • DM7 legacy 10 years
      July 31, 2020 4:15 PM

      Maybe if there was no PS5. :P

    • Zek legacy 10 years
      July 31, 2020 4:19 PM

      Nothing, it's already going to be my platform of choice for cross-platform games and Game Pass. I like how MS does business these days and want to reward it. Also their controller is better.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 4:23 PM

      The backward compatibility is seriously tempting. Panzeer Dragoon Orta in 4k sounds like a blast.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 5:25 PM

      Besides and obscenely low price, maybe some way to DOSBOX emulate old PC games on it. (Yes I do infact realise how ridiculous that is!)
      Streaming games from a local PC to play on it. (Reverse remote play)
      Zoom / Skype

      Honestly so little interests me, that I would want it more as a fancy, clever, gadget in the loungeroom, which it is entirely capable of.

      • reply
        July 31, 2020 6:04 PM

        Not ridiculous at all. I would love to be able to install my 90s PC games on a new console.

        • reply
          July 31, 2020 7:13 PM

          Honestly the steam-streaming, reverse remote play option would service that too (just run DOSBOX on a very basic PC and use the 'official Microsoft remote play' app, on the PC to play that PC content on the Xbox) I'd love to hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse and finish space quest 2 with mayooms (she'd love it......)

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 5:32 PM

      Advertised price. Expecting to replace an Xbox One original with this.

      I might even get a launch one.

      The large compat with my existing library is wonderful.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 5:40 PM

      It's all coming to PC so idc about it really. I'll get a ps5 for sony stuff.

      And then play it again probably 6 years later when they come out on PC

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 6:02 PM

      Mouse and Keyboard for FPS games.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 7:12 PM

      At this point neither. I haven't seen any games that make me go either way. So I'll stick with PC til I see something

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 8:00 PM


    • reply
      July 31, 2020 8:17 PM

      For me it's 3 things.

      1) My friends all went Xbox, so it's been all single player games for me on the PS4
      2) I went PS4 because it had the games I wanted to play which were system exclusive (at that time at least - looking at you HZD and even DQ XI)
      3) Backward compatibility. Being able to dust off some old classics should prove to be entertaining if they get any kind of boost. Come on SSX Tricky!

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 8:36 PM

      Maybe if they bundled a decent vr headset with it and the price was heavily subsidised. Honestly not a lot would make me buy it over the ps5. There's no exclusives that I'm that interested in on it.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 9:53 PM

      Ori 1 & 2 and Hellblade on Game Pass.

      Yeah, I don't need a next-gen Xbox for that, but I don't have one at the moment and don't want to invest in that old technology now. I'd rather wait a few months and get something future-proof.

      Which next-gen games am I looking forward to? Hellblade 2, mainly at the moment. That's really not much, unfortunately. But I'm sure that more and more interesting Xbox titles will come out.

    • reply
      July 31, 2020 10:24 PM

      Already plan on buying both.

    • reply
      August 1, 2020 12:35 AM

      An on going long term commitment to funding interesting games that otherwise wouldn’t happen without big studio backing.

      As far as I can tell MS are still peddling the same old IP. Sony does it too sometimes but I feel like they take risks, MS never has had that instinct.

      • reply
        August 1, 2020 2:39 AM

        Come on I think we had some interesting new IP's from MS ... Avowed, Everwild and Grounded all very different from what MS has given us before.

        • reply
          August 1, 2020 5:27 AM

          What’s cool about Avowed? Do we know a single thing about it other than it’s an rpg? What about grounded is pushing things forward? Is that the kind of game that would never get made unless a platform holder wrote a blank check?

          I never said there aren’t cool indie games on both platforms, I’m talking about large system selling titles that take risks. Ms never does that, it’s always sequels and safe bets.

          • reply
            August 1, 2020 5:56 AM

            It’s a AAA funded rpg in the pillars universe by one of the best teams in the genre. They have pedigree and history to back them up for excitement.

            We know about the same amount about avowed as we do the next elder scrolls and starfield. And that’s enough to get me pumped.

            • reply
              August 1, 2020 6:03 AM

              That does sound good, although Pillars of Eternity left me cold.

              • reply
                August 1, 2020 7:54 AM

                They are awesome spiritual successors to BG. Love both of them.

                • reply
                  August 1, 2020 8:31 AM

                  I never stuck with BG, was more of a planescape dude. Wish I had the time to go back and play them. Maybe when I’m retired.

          • reply
            August 1, 2020 8:01 AM

            From the studio that did Fallout New Vegas and KOTOR 2. Huge open world fantasy RPG which we're not getting many of except from Elder Scrolls and god knows when that will come out or if they will be still using the same old engine.

            And yes those types of games are very expensive to produce.

      • reply
        August 1, 2020 7:28 AM

        Boy you must really hate Nintendo

        • reply
          August 1, 2020 7:51 AM

          I love Nintendo! It’s not like this is the only thing that matters to me, but assuming must things are equal between the platforms, why not go with the one with a history for more interesting titles.

    • reply
      August 1, 2020 1:44 AM

      It's interesting as well if there is going to be some kind of gap for 3rd party games, to be honest there's probably better 3rd party games coming at launch than 1st party for either console (although I am warming to Halo).

      • reply
        August 1, 2020 5:46 AM

        If history has taught us anything, 3rd party games will generally be pretty neutral when it comes to graphics and features, that being said i could see the graphics being just a little bit better on the xbox, but not enough to matter unless you have both systems.

        • reply
          August 1, 2020 8:02 AM

          If it's a similar difference between PS4 Pro and Xbox X then I think will be a noticeable difference. And to be honest it could be an even bigger difference depending on how the PS5 power sharing thing works between CPU and GPU.

          • reply
            August 1, 2020 8:30 AM

            Aren't the pro and the xb1x further apart? In tflops at least, the xb1x is ~40% more, but the xbsx is less than 20% ahead. Though the strange clock rate stuff on the ps5 complicates things, as you say. It'll be interesting to see the comparisons when cross-platform games appear.

    • reply
      August 1, 2020 2:42 AM

      Being able to play all of my Xbox/360/One games

    • reply
      August 1, 2020 5:22 AM

      There is basically nothing that could convince me to. And I'm also not Microsoft's target market for it, since I'll play all those games on PC with gamepass (which they're perfectly okay with).

    • reply
      August 1, 2020 5:39 AM

      If it could play PS4 and PS5 games. Then I'd get one for sure.

      • reply
        August 1, 2020 5:51 AM

        MS tried to put game pass on PS and Switch and looks like Sony and Nintendo said no.

    • reply
      August 1, 2020 5:55 AM

      I’m buying one period. I have had every MS console and this won’t stop me. Had a ps3 for the Blu-ray player but didn’t game on it much.

      I’m not a target for the ps gameplay. I don’t like the walking simulator (that’s not a dig, just a category) and I bounce off almost everything Jprg or the like. Even the Nintendo style is something I have a hard time getting past.

      The MS studio purchase releases will come
      Out over the life of the console and I’m ok with that.

    • reply
      August 1, 2020 7:17 AM


      • reply
        August 1, 2020 7:53 AM

        I am not a greedy man, just give me 60 fps. We all know it's not happening.

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