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How to get more Raw Science - Grounded

Start filling your pockets with more Raw Science so you can buy whatever you want in Grounded.


Raw Science is a valuable resource in Grounded. This leftover product from experimentation is vital in acquiring more recipes, so getting more Raw Science is going to be a top priority. At first, getting this resource will be easy but it will become more difficult as time goes on.

How to get Raw Science

raw science grounded
This glass cone holds some Raw Science. Find more like it out in the wild!

Raw Science is a type of currency in Grounded. This currency, according to BURG.L, is the result of experimentation. In terms of getting more Raw Science, you have a couple of options available:

  • Analyze materials at an analysis computer
  • Complete BURG.L’s bounties
  • Found floating in the world

When you first start Grounded, you will receive a little bit of Raw Science for everything you analyze at a computer. This is one of the best ways to get more Raw Science, but after a while, it will become increasingly difficult to get more. The reason for this is that the analysis computer seems to take longer and longer to recharge.

In saying this, you should always try to analyze every new item you discover. Not only will you get more Raw Science, you will also unlock recipes, which will let you craft axes and workbenches and other more complicated items.

BURGL raw science quests Grounded
Visit BURG.L in the lab and collect his daily quests for more Raw Science.

The other way to get Raw Science, and arguably the most reliable, is to complete BURG.L’s quests. This little ex-patty-flipping robot will have a few quests each day for you to complete. By finishing these tasks, you will be rewarded with a small sum of Raw Science. The quests task you with killing bugs and doing other activities you might already be doing.

Finally, you can also find Raw Science floating in the world. It appears as a pinky-purple mist with squiggles and lines in it. Walk through the mist to pick up the Raw Science. There is an upgrade for your SCA.B that will alert you when this type of Raw Science is nearby.

How to use Raw Science

use raw science Grounded
Raw Science is used to buy recipes from BURG.L.

If you’ve already started BURG.L’s bounties, chances are you alright know the answer to this one. Raw Science is used to purchase recipes from BURG.L. These recipes let you create new and exciting things that you likely can’t get via other means in Grounded.

Getting more Raw Science in Grounded is easy at first and then it gets a bit difficult. If you want to unlock all recipes, you will need to spend a fair bit of time completing BURG.L’s bounties. With a good supply, you’ll be able to craft everything you desire! Take a moment to look over the Shacknews Grounded page for other helpful guides.

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