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Warframe's The Steel Path mode is out now on all platforms

Try your luck as a Tenno who's ready to walk a more difficult path than others are willing to accept with this new game mode.


Warframe has just added an additional mode to its ranks, and you can be one of the first to jump in.

In this new challenge "only the most worthy Tenno can accept," you'll walk the Steel Path in Warframe, also known to the rest of us as "Hard Mode." The Steel Path includes greater difficulty as well as greater rewards.

This means the difficulty of every node on the Star Chart will be increased and you'll face off against enemies that are 100 levels harder than before. This increases your likelihood of getting better Mods and Resources and you'll also get special Emotes and Trophies for doing so.

Earn Steel Essence from Eximus enemies along the Steel Path and you'll be able to trade it with Teshin for Kuva, Relics, or Blueprints to take home your own Bishamo Armor. You'll also want to work hard to get the Urushu Deluxe Skin, which gives you a beflowered look that's deadly to anyone who crosses paths with you.

But you can't just jump into this challenge willy-nilly. You need to finish the Star Chart first, then visit Teshin in any Relay to get started. This is all available beginning today, if you were in the mood for some particularly austere challenges.

Jump in today and let us know how you fare with the all new challenge areas in Warframe. We have an idea you're going to be trying to get through this slew of content for quite some time. 

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