Street Fighter 5 will reveal new Season V characters next week

Capcom will air a special livestream presentation on Twitch next Wednesday to reveal new Street Fighter 5 characters set to be release with 'Season V.'


The Street Fighter 5 generation is getting closer to wrapping up. Capcom has one final season of content lined up for its latest entry in the series, which includes the game's last batch of new characters. Who will those characters be? The publisher is ready to offer some answers with a livestream presentation set to air next week.

Capcom announced on Tuesday that it would air a live presentation on the CapcomFighters Twitch channel next Wednesday, August 5. Among the items on the agenda are the new Season V characters and presumably a release date, as well as how to acquire them. Capcom has previously noted that these will be the final new characters for Street Fighter 5, completing the game's roster that first started with 16 fighters and has since grown to 40 with the release of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition back in February.

On top of new characters, Capcom is also promising news on the state of Street Fighter V esports. It's been a tumultuous time for the Capcom Pro Tour, as the publisher has been attempting to push forward with its annual competitive circuit. However, the continuing spread of COVID-19 has created all sorts of chaos for competitive gaming and has put a glaring spotlight on Street Fighter 5's subpar netcode, which has already influenced at least one tournament result. The schedule also hit a snag earlier this month when various sexual misconduct allegations led to the cancellation of EVO Online. Capcom had previously pulled Street Fighter 5 from the event prior to its cancellation due to the allegations.

The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition showcase is set to air Wednesday, August 5 at 10AM PT. Shacknews will be watching and will report on any news to pop out of the event, including any new characters or release dates.

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