How to change your Ooblets' name

Not a fan of your Ooblet being called by its species name? Here's what you need to do to change your Ooblets' name.


There are a lot of Ooblets to catch in Ooblets, and if you want to personalize them a bit, then you can always change their nickname. Unfortunately, changing your Ooblets’ name is a bit trickier than it is in similar games like Pokemon. In this guide, we’ll break down how to change your Ooblets’ name, which will help you differentiate between the various Ooblets you have in tow.

How to change your Ooblets’ name

Unlike games like Pokemon, which give you the option to change your creatures’ names right after you catch them, Ooblets makes you jump through a few hoops first.

After growing your Ooblet, it will join your party or stay at home, depending on what you need. To rename it, you’re going to need to open up your Inventory and then look for the Ooblets tab along the top portion of the screen. Here you can see all of the Ooblets that you currently own, whether they are with you or back at home.

how to change your Ooblets' name
how to change your Ooblets' name

Select the Ooblet that you want to rename and then left click on it. This will cause a list of options to come up, which will include things like “rename” and “send home” if the Ooblet is currently in your party. After clicking the rename option, a small bit of dialogue will pop up for you to enter in the new name. Enter the name that you like best, then save it and back out of the menu. Congratulations, your Ooblet will now be renamed whatever you changed the name to.

Now that you know how to change the name of your Ooblet and personalize it a bit more, make sure you also check out our guide on how to get Oobsidian, or even our guide on how to get Clothlets for help gathering rare resources. You can also head back over to our Ooblets topic for more content.

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