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Final Fantasy 14's overhauled free trial lets players play up to & through Heavensward

It's a better time than ever to see what Final Fantasy 14 has to offer as its newly reworked free trial features hours upon hours of gameplay through its Heavensward expansion.


Final Fantasy 14 has become quite a content-rich game over the years, which can arguably make it seem unwieldy to new players. It’s layers upon layers of seasonal content have made major points of the game seem sort of like episodic fun. That said, the most recent patch is making the stakes to enter lower than ever with a rework of the game’s free trial. New players can now play Final Fantasy 14 all the way from streamlined A Realm Reborn content up to and through its first Heavensward expansion before having to pay a dime.

Square Enix just launched the patch 5.3 webpage which will be launching on all platforms on August 11, 2020, but Square Enix teased the grand changes to its early game alongside Nier Automata crossover content back in April 2020. Back then, it was mentioned that Final Fantasy 14’s original content, A Realm Reborn, would be getting a streamline to make it less grindy and easier to progress through so players could get things like Heavensward and Shadowbringers faster. This appears to have culminated in the all-new free trial that’s available for the game now.

Originally, Final Fantasy 14’s free trial would only allow players to level up to 35 before having to pay to play further. Moreover, players would still have to spend a lot of that on the early content. With this new free trial system, players will be able to enjoy a reworked progression system through A Realm Reborn, play all the way through the excellent Heavensward expansion content, and reach level 60 before having to cough up dough. Regardless of the Realm Reborn streamlining, that’s hours of content just available to play at your leisure, and Heavensward is an arguably wonderful experience at that.

There will still be plenty more to do afterwards with Shadowbringers and further Final Fantasy 14 content, but being able to play through quality parts of Final Fantasy 14’s vast array of dungeons, gathering, job classes, questing, and such in A Realm Reborn and Heavensward for free is an incredible deal. If you’ve been sitting on the fence all this time or looking for a reason to jump back in, it may be time when Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.3 launches on August 11.

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