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Can you get rid of Ooblets?

Running out of space in Ooblets? Trying to figure out if you can get rid of Ooblets? Here's what we know.


One of the primary parts of gameplay in Ooblets is collecting a slew of different Ooblets to help out on your farm and take part in various dance battles. But what happens when you end up with too many? You’re probably wondering can you get rid of Ooblets? Here’s what you need to know.

Updated July 27 to account for new release method added by the developers.

Can you get rid of Ooblets?

The short answer used to be no. But, now that the community has spoken up, the developers have added a new way for players to get rid of Ooblets outside of the ways that we've covered below. Those looking to get rid of Ooblets can now talk to Outgrid at the very top of the first set of stairs in town to release Ooblets into the Wildlands. There's no way to retrieve them yet, or even visit the Wildlands.

While it might have seemed weird that there wouldn’t be a way to get rid of Ooblets built into a game all about collecting said creatures, that’s exactly the problem that many players were running into for a while. The game is still Early Access, though, which means developer Glumberland is still working on new features and core systems and they figured out a way to resolve the issue without having to shoehorn something into the game, so hats off to them for that.

can you get rid of Ooblets
You can't get rid of Ooblets, so make sure you don't recruit too many.

Instead of releasing or just simply deleting them, you can also put your Ooblets to work for you. Players can invest on oobcoops, which are basically buildings that hold Ooblets. When utilized and upgraded, these buildings will unlock more Ooblet storage space, as well as other growth perks and benefits, including automatic crop-watering. This helps take care of your Ooblet storage issues and also assists your farm in the process.

There are a number of ways to take care of the growing Ooblets in your care. You can now release them into the Wildlands or even spread them out around your farm. For more help and information on this hit new creature collector, make sure you check out our Ooblets topic.

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    Josh Hawkins posted a new article, Can you get rid of Ooblets?

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      July 20, 2020 3:33 PM

      You have to get this rare minieral to build and upgrade the ooblet houses. You can get the mineral through random luck, wishes, or fishing with rare bait. So its now a matter of what you want to grind for.
      After 17 hours, I stopped. I hit the end of the content that is accessible right now. The only thing left for me to do is capture all the ooblets for scanning and placing figures in the town hall but I don't have enough resources to make more homes for ooblets.

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