How to learn new flute songs - Ghost of Tsushima

Find out how to learn new flute songs so you can change the state of the weather in Ghost of Tsushima.


Once of the coolest features that we’ve found in Ghost of Tsushima is the ability to change the state of the weather in the world by playing various songs on the flute. This feature is never really explained, but it makes for a great way to increase your immersion in the world, and even helps to accentuate some of the photos that you’re bound to take when using the photo mode that Sucker Punch has included. If you’re curious to know how you can go about learning new flute songs, then we can help.

How to learn new flute songs

Learning new flute songs is a simple but time-consuming process. While you won’t have to remember any insane button combinations, you will need to find Singing Crickets, one of many collectible items strewn about the game world in Ghost of Tsushima. Thankfully, we’ve put together a guide on all the Singing Crickets locations, which you can use to find each and every one of these hidden items.

how to learn new flute songs - ghost of tsushima
You'll need to find Singing Crickets hidden around the game world in order to unlock new flute songs.

You’ll need to find all twenty of the Singing Crickets if you want to complete the collectibles tree and unlock all of the flute songs that are available in the game. There is a total of four different songs, all of which we detail in our guide on how to change the weather. Make sure you check out that guide for more information about each of the songs.

Once you have learned new flute songs, you can equip them at anytime from the Accessories option in the pause menu. When equipped, swipe the touchpad to the left to pull out the flute and start playing whichever song you have equipped.

Now that you know how to learn new flute songs you can head back over to our Ghost of Tsushima guide for even more info that will help you get the most out of the game.

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