Street Power Soccer trailer showcases new Power Mode

Add some powerful abilities to your soccer match with Street Power Soccer's Power Mode.


Street Power Soccer looks to take the standard soccer game and throw in an NBA Jam kind of over-the-top experience. And now, the team at SFL Interactive and Maximum Games have unveiled a trailer for Street Power Mode, a new gametype in Street Power Soccer.

Street Power Mode trailer shows off stylish new moves

For those not in the know, Street Power Soccer has players take on the role of iconic street soccer players from around the world. Instead of lifelike appearances, these are caricatures, with larger limbs and heads. The moves are also dramatic, with different attacks and abilities highlighted with plenty of explosions and fanfare.

Street Power Soccer Power Mode

The trailer for this new mode highlights some new powerful abilities players will be able to use on the field. Some of the moves include an air jump that allows for a super volley kick in mid-air, a worm hole that lets you teleport the ball to a teammate, and a shield that prevents a ball-steal. In order to activate these moves, players will first need to fill a power gauge, presumably by performing tricks and other moves.

Shacknews’ own Ozzie Mejia got to check out Street Power Soccer. Here’s what he had to share about this freestyle take on soccer:

Street Power Soccer doesn't take players to the pitch, but rather to different street locations around the world for 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 sessions. Players can select from 25 confirmed stars of the street soccer world like Sean Garnier, Liv Cooke, and Raquel Benetti. The Street Power Match mode is where a bulk of the competitions take place, with the objective to score five goals in five minutes. This emphasizes on arcade-style play, offering each character two different superpower moves while also filling the field with different power-up items that can offer boosts or debilitating effects on opponents.

Street Power Mode is just one of six modes coming to Street Power Soccer, which will also feature customization, real-world athletes, as well as music from the likes of Black Eyed Peas, DJ Snake, and Snap.

Street Power Soccer (also known as Street Power Football outside of North America) is releasing on August 25 on Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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