ShackStream: A quest for adventure in Ghost of Tsushima

Join Josh as he travels back to the time of the samurai in Sucker Punch Productions' latest hit, Ghost of Tsushima.


Happy Ghost of Tsushima day! Now that the game is officially available in some parts of the world, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be playing it on the Shacknews channel in just a little bit.

For those that don’t know, Ghost of Tsushima is the latest game from Sucker Punch Productions (of Infamous and Sly Cooper fame). The game follows the story of Jin Sakai, a samurai that must go against his code of honor in order to drive out the Mongol invaders that have landed upon the shores of the island of Tsushima. It’s an absolute blast to experience and we’ll be kicking off a new playthrough on the official Shacknews channel today at 2 p.m. EDT.

You can join in the action by following the embed above or by clicking this little link right here. Blake Morse, our Reviews Editor, took a swing at the game earlier this week with his full review, where he wrote:

While Ghost of Tsushima has a few of the standard pop-ins and visual glitches that are common to most open-world games this is still one of the most beautiful and fluid titles I’ve ever played. While I did have a few moments of frustration, usually brought on by camera angle issues, they are almost completely forgivable when I look at the overall package. There’s just too much here to like and none of it feels tacked on or a time-filler. It’s wonderfully balanced and doesn’t punish you for needing to attempt something more than once.

As always, I want to take a quick moment to give a massive thanks to all of our Twitch subscribers and followers. You always come by and hang out and it makes the streaming process a lot more fun. I look forward to chatting with you guys each week and I hope to see more of you coming around as we check out more games throughout the year. Also, a big thanks goes out to all of our Mercury subscribers as well. We don’t say it enough, but your support here on the site means everything to Asif and the rest of us on staff.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then make sure you check out our guide on how to link Amazon Prime and Twitch so you can get a free monthly Twitch Prime sub to use on your favorite streamers. You can also head over to our Mercury page for more information on our primary subscription service.

I hope you guys come hang out during todays stream and check out Ghost of Tsushima. I’ll do my best to avoid any big spoilers, so if you’re interested in seeing what Sucker Punch’s latest title has to offer, come on by at 2 p.m. EDT.

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