Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition only allows for online multiplayer

If you plan on adventuring with your friends, you'll have to do so online, since there won't be an option for offline multiplayer like the original had.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a well-known multiplayer title that, in the past, was a staple for some GameCube fans. Now that it's being reborn as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, however, it seems its offline multiplayer capabilities are being stripped away.

According to a recent tweet from the official Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Twitter account, roughly translated and confirmed by Siliconera, it looks like the game will only offer one type of multiplayer so as to make cross-play a much more easier feature to implement. As a result, the team apparently had to choose between online and offline multiplayer.

"Roughly translated, it confirmed that there is no offline multiplayer and only online is available," wrote Siliconera." It seems that, for whatever reason, potentially offering Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered multiplayer offline and online was not within the scope of this project, (which notably features cross-play between all platforms) so the team had to choose one direction and commit to it."

The result is an online multiplayer-only game that you'll have to play with friends by hopping on another system instead of passing the controller. It's odd, given that the original game was completely dependent on local multiplayer, but that appears to be the direction this new version has gone in.

Whatever your thoughts on the change, it's still good to see that the game is getting some love so many years later. Currently, it's set for release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android on August 27.

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