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Hyper Scape launches its open beta following Ubisoft Forward

Now that Sunday's Ubisoft Forward has come to a close, Ubisoft has kicked off the open beta for its battle royale shooter, Hyper Scape.


Ubisoft has been testing the battle royale waters for a couple of weeks with the upcoming Hyper Scape. Before offering a wide release, the publisher wanted some time to test it out. And while the game's final version is still not ready for release, today's Ubisoft Forward event saw the announcement that the game is about open its doors to everyone with the Hyper Scape open beta.

The Hyper Scape open beta will add a few different ways to play compared to the previous technical test. In addition to the Crown Rush mode, players will find a solo version of the game mode, where rather than squad up with others, players will attempt to go for individual glory in a massive free-for-all. Hack Runner Squad and Turbo Mode Squad mode will also be available to play. Players can learn more about those modes on the Hyper Scape website.

As explained in our recent hands-on preview, Hyper Scape looks to separate itself from the battle royale pack with a multitude of weapons and player abilities called Hacks. The technical test kicked off with nine weapons and nine hacks and the open beta will add the Shockwave Hack and the Harpy weapon. Random events will also occur over the course of the game, with Twitch streamers able to affect their own games by putting the random events to a viewer vote. The open beta will add a new event called Haste, which speeds up all players for a limited time.

Ubisoft is also getting an early start on Hyper Scape's Battle Pass. Players will find a 30-tier pass available now in the in-game shop and any progress made will carry over to the game's final version. You can get your first taste of Hyper Scape with the game's open beta, which is available right now. Hyper Scape will launch its 1.0 version later this summer on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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