Will Ghost of Tsushima come to PC and Xbox One?

Find out whether or not Sucker Punch Productions' upcoming samurai adventure, Ghost of Tsushima is set to arrive on the PC and Xbox One.


One of the most frustrating things for gamers can be figuring out what platforms they’re going to play their games on. Whether it’s a multiplayer game, or a singleplayer game, knowing what platform you can pick it up on is always helpful in the process of narrowing down which one will work for you. Those without a PlayStation 4 might have found themselves asking “will Ghost of Tsushima come to PC and Xbox One?”. We’ve got the answers right here.

Will Ghost of Tsushima come to PC and Xbox One?

Unfortunately, the short answer here is no. As it stands, Ghost of Tsushima is a PlayStation 4 exclusive from Sucker Punch Productions and there are no plans to release it on the PC and Xbox One. At least not yet.

Now, we say not yet, because anything can change. In fact, we’re slowly starting to see some PlayStation 4 exclusives make the jump to PC several years after their release, including Guerilla Games’ hit adventure, Horizon Zero Dawn. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Sucker Punch will make the jump with Ghost of Tsushima, but it does mean that we don’t have to give up hope just yet.

will Ghost of Tsushima come to PC and Xbox One?

Sadly, those on the Xbox One can definitely kiss any chance to purchase this game on Microsoft’s console goodbye. Considering the rivalry that the two gaming companies share, it seems very unlikely that we would ever see the PS4 exclusive make the leap to the Xbox One, or any other Xbox console for that matter. That being said, it would be cool if it did – but we understand why it won’t.

Those who haven’t followed Sucker Punch Productions’ work throughout the years might not be aware of just how good of a relationship the studio has with PlayStation. Since it’s original founding in the 1990s, Sucker Punch has worked on various titles throughout Sony’s storied history as a console manufacturer, including the Sly Cooper series and Infamous.

Ghost of Tsushima will be the ninth title that Sucker Punch Productions has worked on under the Sony umbrella. While it won't be making the jump to the PC or Xbox One, PlayStation fans can dive in when the game releases later this month. Make sure you check out the rest of out Ghost of Tsushima content for more info.

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