Unboxing: Godzilla: Tokyo Clash Board Game

Stomp through Tokyo as one of your favorite Kaiju in Godzilla: Tokyo Clash in this unboxing video of a new release from Funko Games.


Run! It's Godzilla! Actually, it's just the Godzilla: Tokyo Clash Board Game. No need to panic, everyone, unless you want to be totally afraid of how cool this game looks.

Funko Games has released an intriguing new board game designed by Prospero Hall that lets you take on the roles of Godzilla, Mother, King Ghidorah, and Megalon. Together, you'll work to totally obliterate Tokyo as one of these massive kaiju, stomping, smashing, and destroying it with the greatest of ease.

As our own Greg Burke shows off in the movie-like unboxing video above, there are Kaiju figures that represent each monster. There's also a special deck of cards for each monster that includes a variety of different abilities and powers to use in-game. You earn energy to use these skills as you play, and when you attack opponents, you can cause damage that may force your enemies to remove cards from their deck.

According to Funko Games, Godzilla: Tokyo Clash comes with 13 game board tiles, 4 Kaiju miniatures, 4 Kaiju mats, 4 Kaiju decks, 13 building miniatures, 6 event cards, 74 tokens, a damage track mat, 5 tracking cubes, a oxygen destroyer marker, a miniature stand, and instructions.

It's $39.99 and available this year for 2 to 4 players. Be sure to check out the video above for your first look at all the very cool pieces and cards it comes with.

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