RLCS X is set to launch Rocket League's 10th esports season with $4.5 million prize pool

Rocket League esports is evolving to become a bigger, better competition in RLCS X with a rebuilt and restructured league system and $4,500,000-plus prize pool.


Rocket League is one of the many esports that has been forced to adapt drastically as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as the Rocket League Championship Series has made the moves  necessary to keep its players safe and move on with competition. The coronavirus may have caught us by surprise, but the RLCS is ready to evolve and take on another season in this new and extraordinary climate. The RLCS X has been announced with a number of changes to allow international squads to qualify even without the aid of live events, as well as a starting $4.5 million prize pool.

Psyonix announced RLCS X and the upcoming changes to international competition on July 1, 2020 as it prepares to face whatever challenges lie ahead to keep the games going. Beginning in August 30, RLCS X will be replacing its bi-annual season with an open event-based circuit culminating in the Rocket League World Championship. There will be open regional qualifiers to allow teams to compete and earn their place on the world circuit. Registration to enter qualifiers is up now and available till July 24, 2020 via Battlefy.

Though the open event circuit, Psyonix hopes to create an environment in which players can continue to earn points towards World Championship qualification even if live events continue to be impossible. Though RLCS Season 9 played out fairly deep, the Season 9 World Championships were stalled as the COVID-19 pandemic become more and more of an obvious threat to health and security. In RLCS X, it would appear that while expanding World Championship teams to 16, it is also aiming to ensure that everyone has a chance to compete consistently and fairly across the world.

As the RLCS X prepares to launch in August, look forward to checking it out as squads strive to give their best and be part of the 16 to chase the crown of the Rocket League World Championship.

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