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Ophidia Spathe Exotic Hunter Chest Armor - Destiny 2

Ophidia Spathe is a very niche Exotic in Destiny 2. We'll unpack whether this Hunter chest armor is worth your time, or if it's only good for collecting dust.


Buckle up, Guardians, because I’m going to sell you hard on Ophidia Spathe being a viable Exotic option in the right situation. I’ll also tell everything you need to know about this piece of chest armor, including a breakdown of its intrinsic perk, how to get it, its lore, and when to use it.

Ophidia Spathe Exotic Hunter Chest Armor

Ophidia Spathe Exotic Hunter Chest Armor

Ophidia Spathe is primarily useful (and even that is debatable) in PvP, but there is one situation it could be helpful in PvE. Let’s first talk about its intrinsic perk so we can understand what it does.

Scissor Fingers

Ophidia Spathe Scissor Fingers
  • Scissor Fingers - Grants two knives per charge.

The intrinsic perk for Ophidia Spathe is straightforward. Guardians will get two knives instead of one. Now, because the only subclass to use knives is the Gunslinger (Solar), there is no point to wearing this Exotic chest piece when using the Arcstrider (Arc) or Nightstalker (Void) subclasses. Furthermore, I only use it with the Way of the Sharpshooter tree, which isn’t the best in PvP, but I do it anyway because knives are fun.

When to use Ophidia Spathe

Ophidia Spathe Crucible Build

Ophidia Spathe can be a lot of fun in PvP when paired with the Way of the Sharpshooter tree from the Gunslinger subclass. This is because Way of the Sharpshooter grants Weighted Knife, which causes knives to deal extra precision damage, and precision kills with knives refund the knife. To paint a clear picture, a player would have two throwing knives capable of taking out a Guardian with a single hit (at long range), and every precision kill would refund the knife they just threw. It’s not uncommon for me to get five kills in a single match with this configuration.

In Season of Arrivals, it’s also possible to make use of Ophidia Spathe in PvE, but I’m not entirely sold on it. I’m just here to say you could, and that’s because of the Seed of Silver Wings artifact. Column four of the artifact has the Inferno Whip mod, which allows Solar melee abilities to stagger Unstoppable Champions. With Ophidia Spathe, Guardians could technically stagger multiple Unstoppable Champions without having to equip a weapon mod to do so. However, it’s more advisable to only use one knife and take the Celestial Nighthawk paired with the Way of the Sharpshooter.

How to get Ophidia Spathe

Ophidia Spathe Sources

Ophidia Spathe can be obtained from normal loot pools. It’s not available as a quest reward unless a player gets lucky. Anywhere Exotic rewards can be obtained, Ophidia Spathe is an option. Xur will sell it from time to time, and his Exotic engram could drop it if it’s not already in someone’s collection. As of Season of Arrivals, Master Rahool might sell it for an Exotic Cipher, but I wouldn’t waste my Exotic Cipher on this if there were other options. Let this one drop naturally, Guardian, and don’t be afraid to have some fun with it.

Ophidia Spathe lore

Ophdia Spathe Lore

Even if the Exotic itself isn’t that great, the Ophidia Spathe lore is cool. Read it below:

Listen carefully when the serpent speaks, for its tongue is forked, and its words have two meanings.

Grab Ophidia Spathe if the opportunity arises, but this Exotic is very niche and massively overshadowed by other options. Read more of our content with the Destiny 2 strategy guide.


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