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Rogue Legacy 2 enters the Steam Early Access kingdom in July

Rogue Legacy 2 is storming the Steam Early Access castle and will start on the road to its 1.0 release in July.


It's time to storm the castle once again with Cellar Door Games and their upcoming sequel, Rogue Legacy 2. On Tuesday, the indie dev studio announced that it is ready to take the next step towards the game's release. For them, that means bringing the platforming roguelike to Steam Early Access.

Rogue Legacy 2 will feel like the original in many ways, but also come with a fresh coat of paint. That means taking its original 2D style and adopting the 2.5D model. Players can expect to see full 3D characters wandering through 2D backdrops. The premise remains the same, in that players will explore a dangerous (and also randomly-generated) setting for a while right up until they die. Once they're dead, they're dead for good, but their descendants will then pick up their predecessor's sword with distinct genetic traits. Some of those traits are helpful. Others, significantly less so.

But the combat goes beyond swords. Rogue Legacy 2 will feature a class system, each of which utilizes different weapon types. The Steam Early Access build will launch with four classes, but Cellar Door notes that players can expect to see about a dozen at launch.

The biggest changes will come to the aforementioned descendants. Rogue Legacy 2 will have a revamped trait system, carried by the Universal Healthcare System. That means if you get a character with a negative trait, your rewards will be greater in order to offset that. On top of that, players will get a sense of genuine progression through the addition of heirlooms. Heirlooms are permanent abilities that help on the exploration end, assuming you can find them.

This is a small sample of what Cellar Door Games will look to add to Rogue Legacy 2. For more, you can check out our interview from back in April. Rogue Legacy 2 will begin life on Steam Early Access on July 23 with the full game set to release later down the road.

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