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Samurai Shodown's next DLC character is the Warden from Ubisoft's For Honor

In the most curious of crossovers, it would appear that Ubisoft is lending For Honor's Warden to Samurai Shodown as its upcoming DLC character.


The return of Samurai Shodown into the fighting game scene has been an incredible one since its arrival in 2019. Samurai, ninja, knights, and other weapon-wielding warriors from altogether are clashing blades in classic style and revitalized visuals in the new game, but Samurai Shodown still has more to give. It’s well into its second season of DLC characters and the upcoming one is a doozy. Coming over from Ubisoft’s brutal team melee For Honor, the Warden will be Samurai Shodown’s next DLC character.

SNK revealed the surprise crossover with Ubisoft and For Honor via a trailer launched on the SNK WORLD YouTube Channel on June 23, 2020. Set for release on June 24, 2020, the Warden is closing out the second season of DLC which included the archer Mina, the water ninja Sogetsu, and the horny-on-main crane maid Iroha. The Warden weighs chivalry against bushido with his knightly stature and massive longsword and looks like he has some charge attacks, sword combos, and even a catapult to throw death down upon his foes. You can see the Warden in action in the trailer below.

The Warden as the final character of the Season 2 DLC for Samurai Shodown is a pretty interesting surprise that few people probably saw coming. Ubisoft’s For Honor has been interesting to say the least as one of the few mainstream melee team fighters (and a good one if our Shacknews review has anything to say about it), but coming over to SNK to lend one of its very first characters to Samurai Shodown is a shocker. The last character for SamSho 2019’s Season 2 had been veiled in mystery after all. Even so, SNK has shown itself more than willing to lend its characters elsewhere. Geese Howard has been a prominent addition in Tekken and even Haohmaru made his way over to Soul Calibur 6.

That said, Warden is the first arrival of a guest character back in Samurai Shodown 2019 and it’s a notable one to say the least, having come from what wouldn’t be considered a traditional fighting game. With a launch just a day away, we’ll be looking forward to bringing brutal chivalry down upon foes with For Honor’s Warden shortly.

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